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This natural world heritage site, and Natural New 7 Wonder of the World, is a haven of magnificent mountains plunging into crystal seas fringed with bleached white sands of the Cape Peninsula.

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The Orangekloof Tents (ORT2) - Hoerikwaggo

Fall asleep under a myriad stars and awake to the healing sounds of nature. Our picturesque and comfortable tented camps, situated in unrivalled natural surroundings offer the ideal getaway. View the Orange Kloof Tented Camp information...

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Visit the Boulders Beach penguin colony

Boulders Penguin Colony in Simons Town is home to a unique and endangered land-based colony of African Penguins. This colony is one of only a few in the world, and the site has become famous and a popular international tourist destination.

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Two days in Table Mountain National Park

Spend two days in Table Mountain National Park, exploring the natural beauty of Cape Town. Climb mountains, picnic in forests, share a beach with penguins, hike amidst fynbos and ascend to a lighthouse in a Flying Dutchman.

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<strong>4bed Wash House Room</strong> (PLR4C)

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Hoerikwaggo trails
Table Mountain National Park

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<strong>4bed Wash House Room</strong> (PLR4)

Available This Weekend

Hoerikwaggo trails
Table Mountain National Park

from R 920 per night

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Silvermine Dam

Braaing at Silvermine Dam will be closed as of the 01 October 2016 for the fire season. With just under two weeks left, this serves as the perfect location for a Heritage Day braai!

Oudekraal Picnic Site

Please note that Oudekraal Picnic site will be closed on the 5th of November 2016 for an exclusive use of function and will reopen again on the 6th of November 2016 to the public.

We request that everyone who parks their car inside the park be sure not to leave valuables in the car at any point and that the car is properly locked before departing. At Cape Point we have experienced a number of car break ins in recent months and we request you be extra vigilant in this location.

All recreational users are reminded that the presence and movement of great white sharks in waters around the park increases at this time of the year. Please be extra vigilant as none of our beaches have life guards or shark spotters on site.

Gate upgrade at Cape Point

The road at the gate is being redesigned to accommodate the upgrade of the gate. This is causing slightly longer delays on arrival at peak times. Please be patient as we process people through the gate as quickly as possible.

If you are entering on a wild card please have it ready to present on arrival or your confirmation letter. If you don’t have a current confirmation letter please call 021 7127471 and ask them to email you a copy.

If you are a tour guide please ensure your tour guide card is available to check and is valid.

Pokémon Advisory

TMNP cautions all visitors to be aware of their surroundings when playing Pokémon Go. Pokémons have been spotted in Table Mountain National Park and we would request that you consider your personal safety too when catching these pokémons.

Buses at Cape Point

Large buses need to exercise caution when using the bus lane at Cape Point Main Gate as we are in the process of adding an additional lane to the gate. Although there are barrier fences up and warning and directional signage in place, the lane is narrower than usual due to the upgrade. In addition there are workers and delivery vehicles on site so we ask that drivers be extra cautious when approaching the facility.

Tokai closures

All footpaths/tracks/access points leading from Silvermine West to Tokai are closed. This includes the Level 5 access point, the footpath from Elephants Eye down to Tokai, as well as the Vlakkenberg track from the Masts. Upper Tokai is closed due to tree felling operations.

Trail closures in TMNP due to fires

Swartkopberg Trail is under repair and currently closed.

The Chapmans Peak footpath (on the Noordhoek side) is closed indefinitely.

Cape Point construction update

Construction at Cape of Good Hope Main Gate is underway. While you may experience minor delays the gate entrance will remain open to the public. We appeal to vehicles using the bus lane to exercise caution due to the proximity of the construction site.

Hikers and Recreational Users Advisory: Fire-affected Areas in Simon's Town

The fire-affected areas are as follow:

  • From Klawer Valley over the Swartkopberg Mountain into Simon's Town.
  • North Peak, Swartkop and Simonsberg have burnt from Signal School through Blockhouse Gap to Rocklands.
  • It is not recommended that Blockhouse Gap be used for hiking at this time.
  • Signal School steps and Admirals Waterfall path is still open, as well as is the area from Signal School to Red Hill Road.

Hikers and Recreational Users Advisory: Fire-affected Areas in Simon's Town

A fire has swept through a portion of Table Mountain National Park in the Simon's Town area. The slopes on this mountain consist of small loose rocks, mixed with larger boulders. They are also north facing slopes, with very slow vegetation recovery, so the soils will be exposed. The sensitivity of the vegetation, means that any sort of trampling should be avoided. We would ask you be sensitive to the damage that has been caused by the fire and allow the area some time to recover.

Filming, Events and Functions

Table Mountain National Park will close for all filming, events and functions (bar Signal Hill) on 15 December 2016 and reopen on 18 January 2017. Oudekraal remains open for function bookings.

Visitor Tips

  1. TMNP recommends that all activities including but not limited to walking, jogging, trail running, cycling and horse riding are to be carried out in groups of four or more.
  2. Stay on demarcated pathways and trails.
  3. Wear the correct hiking gear and shoes.
  4. Do not carry valuables, cash, cameras, etc.
  5. Cycle, hike or run during daylight hours only.
  6. Keep an eye on the weather and other mountain conditions.
  7. Inform at least one other person not participating in an activity with you of your destination and estimated arrival time.

Main Attractions

  1. Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope
  2. Boulders Penguin Colony
  3. Silvermine
  4. Table Mountain
  5. Signal Hill and Lions Head
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