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My Green Card

The TMNP My Green Card is available exclusively to South African residents of Cape Town.

The TMNP My Green Card is available exclusively to South African residents of Cape Town, costs R190 and provides the holder with 12 free entries into any of the Table Mountain National Park’s pay points: Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point); Boulders Penguin Colony, Oudekraal and Silvermine, as well as to the braai and picnic areas at Tokai, Newlands and Perdekloof. It offers fantastic value.

View/Download the Green Card Application form

When buying a card – you will need R190 for the card; a South African ID document; 2 ID photographs and proof of residence.

Permits for specific recreational activities (dog walking, cycling, fishing, crayfishing, etc.) and/or permits for commercial purposes (special events, filming, photography, tour guiding, etc.) are not included when purchasing a SANParks Wild Card or TMNP My Green Card and must be obtained separately.


What do I need to bring with me when buying My Green Card?

You’ll need the R190 for the card; a South African ID document; 2 ID photographs and proof of residence that you live in Cape Town (not older than three months) in your name.

May I bring friends and family along when using My Green Card?

Yes! The cardholder is welcome to bring along friends/family (a maximum of six (6) SA citizens may be clipped off the card on any given day – five (5) South African Citizens and the cardholder). Proof of ID will be required to be produced by all adults.

Please note: each guest brought in on the My Green Card (in addition to the main card holder) will be clipped as an entry on the card.

Must I present my actual ID book when using My Green Card?

When presenting a My Green Card at a TMNP pay point you will asked to present your ID book or driver’s licence. It must be the original document and cannot be a copy that is on your smartphone. Remember every adult entering with you on the My Green Card will also need to present a South African ID or a South African driver’s licence.

May I renew the card once the 12 entries have been used?

You are only allowed one card per 12 months (one year). Once your 12 entries have been used, you may reapply after the relapse of the 12-month period or purchase a SANParks Wild Card.

Where can I buy My Green Card?

Tokai Plantation Office, Tokai Road, Tokai (Mondays to Fridays 08:00-15:45) Tel: 021 712 7471

Closed between 12h30 and 13h00 for Lunch

If using Google Maps, enter Tokai Wild Card Sales Office as your destination and you will be directed to the front door.

What do I need to renew My Green Card?

Two ID photos, your ID book and proof of residence in Cape Town (no older than three months).

Must the photos be printed on Photo paper?

The photos must be printed on photo-quality paper. We do not accept photocopies of photographs.

How long before I get My Green Card after application?

It will be issued to you immediately.

Can the My Green Card be used in lieu of conservation fees for Table Mountain National Park accommodation?


Is the My Green Card clipped per entry or per person entering?

A My Green Card is clipped per person entering on the card, hence a clip for the cardholder and an additional clip for each person entering with him. Note the maximum entry is set up as the cardholder and five South African citizens. A maximum of six clips may be used per entry.

Is My Green Card replaceable if lost or stolen?

No, it is not replaceable and you cannot purchase another one until the 12-month validity period has expired.

Can I use a PO Box as proof of address?

No, we need proof of physical street address.

Can I use my husband’s or wife’s proof of address?

No, the address you use as proof must specifically list your name. The proof may however be for something that is addressed to Mrs and Mrs ABC. Such as a rates account.

What do I do if I don’t own the property I live at but lease it?

You can use a lease as proof of address provided the lease is in your name.

Can I use a bank statement as proof of residence?

Yes provided it reflects your address.

What if my adult child lives at home and does not have proof of address?

A parent can make an affidavit witnessed by a commissioner of oaths (the easiest place to do this is at a Police Station) that the adult child lives at home and attach a copy of their rates account as proof of residence.