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Security Alerts and Safety Tips

Security Alerts:

Security alerts within Table Mountain National Park

  • Kakapo Wreck:
    Posted 02 November 2017
    When walking on Noordhoek Beach please ensure that you are not alone, if you wish to walk past the Kakapo wreck you do so in large groups and heed the warning signage posted at the entry to the beach.
  • Peers Cave:
    Posted 02 November 2017
    The park requests that all recreational users exercise caution when hiking in and around the Peers Cave area. Please do not carry valuables with you when out hiking and ensure that you have indicated to someone when to expect you home and what route you are taking.
  • Chapman’s Peak: Both Noordhoek and Hout Bay Side:
    Posted 02 November 2017
    Hiking, Trail Running and the like in the mountains should always be done in a group and we ask that you do not hike alone. Ensure that you have the park emergency numbers logged on your phone 107 and 086 100 6417. Please report any suspicious individuals you see in this area.
  • Blackburn Ravine and Elephants Eye location :
    Posted 22 June 2017
    All recreational users, hikers and walkers are requested to avoid the Blackburn Ravine and Elephants Eye location within the park. A reminder that the park recommends all recreational users to carry out their activity in groups of 4 or more. Please do not carry valuables with you any point in the park especially jewellery and expensive cell phones.
  • Section Redhill to Slangkop Tented Camp:
    Posted 19 June 2017
    The park recommends that the section Redhill to Slangkop tented camp on the Hoerikwaggo Trail be avoided when hiking in the area. Please pay attention to the signage around crime in this location and hike elsewhere in the park. Please ensure that when you are hiking/walking / carrying our your recreational activity anywhere in Table Mountain National Park that you are in a group of 4 or more and that you have advised someone of your point of departure, route and expected arrival time. Please refrain from hiking with valuables.
  • Security risk to recreational users:
    Posted 9 January 2017
    Please be aware that there is a potential security risk to recreational users in the area between Kleinplaas and Lewis Gay dams and the footpath leading to Ocean View. Please do not carry out your recreational activity in this location alone and exercise caution when using the area in groups of 4 or more.
  • Car Parking:
    Posted 5 September 2016
    We request that everyone who parks their car inside the park be sure not to leave valuables in the car at any point and that the car is properly locked before departing. At Cape Point we have experienced a number of car break ins in recent months and we request you be extra vigilant in this location.
  • Silvermine East, gate 2 car park:
    Posted 24 August 2016
    Cars have been broken into at Gate 2 car park in recent months We ask that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle and that you ensure you lock the vehicle before commencing your walk or hike. All vehicles parked within the park are parked at your own risk.
  • TMNP security alert:
    Posted 8 August 2016
    We request all recreational users to exercise caution when entering the following areas in Table Mountain National Park: the environs around the Slangkop Blockhouse and the Ou Wa Pad in Silvermine.
    We recommend that people carry out their recreational activities in groups of four or more people and to leave their valuable equipment at home.
  • Tokai:
    Posted 21 June 2016
    Tokai remains closed to all recreational user groups as the pine and gum felling programme is ongoing. Anyone accessing this area puts themselves at risk from a safety and security perspective.
  • Perform recreational activities in groups of 4 or more
    Posted 21 June 2016
    All recreational users are reminded that activities are best carried out in groups of four or more people to deter criminal attention and this is especially pertinent to the area around Vlakkenberg/Constantiaberg Please ensure you have let someone know of your intended route and expected time of arrival at your destination. Please do not carry valuables with you at any time.
  • Alert: Kleinplaas Dam to Redhill
    Posted 31 May 2016
    Recreational users to exercise caution when in the area between Kleinplaas Dam and Redhill. Participate in recreational activities in groups and not alone in order to discourage criminal engagement.
  • General Alert across the Park
    Posted 10 May 2016
    The park recommends that all recreational user groups carry out their activity in groups of 4 or more especially in the more remote locations like Sandy Bay.
    Please report any temporary structures seen on SANParks land via email to Illegal structures need to be removed as soon as possible and your assistance in this regard would be appreciated.
  • Kings Blockhouse
    Posted 10 May 2016
    All recreational users to be aware that the Kings Blockhouse area has been the location of criminal activity in the past and caution is to be exercised when moving through this location.
  • Crime Alert for Scarborough beach
    Posted 12 April 2016
    Suspicious characters have been observed in the area. All visitors are requested to not walk alone in this location. Groups of four (4) or more are recommended.

Security alerts for areas adjacent to Table Mountain National Park

  • Crime Alert for the road between Scarborough to Simonstown via Cape Point
    Posted 12 April 2016
    Rocks on the road / vehicle occupants attacked. All vehicles to exercise caution in this location especially at night.Rather make use of an alternate route.

Safety Tips & Precautions:

Please take note of the following safety tips and precautions.

  • Tell someone reliable where you are going (CONTACT PERSON). Tell them which route you are using and what time to expect you back. If you are en route and think you will be a bit late, call that person and give them the new time you will be back. They must know who to call and where to go look for you if you are not back in time.
  • Leave valuables at home.
  • Have a map of the area with you and leave a copy of the same map with your contact person.
  • Know your access and escape routes. You should always know the quickest way to safety. And your contact person should know which routes you will use if you are in trouble. Have a plan and stick to the plan.
  • Avoid known dangerous parts of the mountain. Criminal hotspots may change over time, but some areas are favored by criminals that have easy or quick access to and from urban areas and should be avoided.
  • The weather in Cape Town and on Table Mountain especially, is unpredictable and can change suddenly. There may be a loss of visibility. Keep an eye on these changes and ensure you pack suitable clothing for all conditions, i.e. a hat, jacket, etc.
  • Walk/run/cycle with a sense of purpose. If you are wandering aimlessly or look lost you are more likely to attract unwanted attention.
  • Travel in groups. Criminals are much more likely to go after individuals than groups. Table Mountain National park recommends you carry out your activity in groups of four or more.
  • Stay alert for possible dangers. Be aware of your surroundings, as to ensure that you do not get surprised.
  • Avoid distractions. You are an easier target if you are distracted by listening to music on headphones, talking on your phone etc.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • Know emergency numbers. Although it is good to have it programmed on your phone, remember if your phone is stolen, the number is no good unless you have memorised it. You can always stop someone else along the route and ask if you can use their phone to call emergency services. Know your local SAPS telephone number.

Download our Visitor Safety brochure.