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"Where Endangered Species Roam"...Mokala is SANParks' newest park. It is situated approximately 70km south-southwest of Kimberley, and west of the N12 freeway to Cape Town. Nestled in the hills, Mokala's landscape boasts a variety of koppieveld (hills) and large open plains.

Featured Accommodation

Lilydale Chalet (CH3)

Exterior Exterior View Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom

Lilydale Rest Camp offers 12 self-catering, air conditioned units overlooking the Riet River. Warm exhilarating summers can be spent by the swimming pool. Breathtaking sunsets and glittering diamonds in the sky, are all added by nature to compliment an unforgettable visit. Read more...

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Featured Activity

Go on a guided rock art drive

Photo of rock art

Guided Rock art engraving drives to explore our cultural heritage are available to our guests. Enquire at Reception.

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Visitor Tips

  1. The fishing spots of De Krans and Kleinbek are only accessible by 4x4 or high clearance vehicles.
  2. A two-night stay is recommended to truly experience the magic of this Park.
  3. There is no petrol station in the Park.
  4. As outdoor lighting in camps is limited, a torch/headlamp is required when walking outside at night.

Where To Stay

Organising a conference or event?

SANParks can cater for all conferencing needs, from arranging the venue, to the logistical arrangements, to organizing tailored pre and post conference activities.

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Game capture activities

Please note that there will be game capture activities happening in Mokala National Park from 12 - 13 July 2017. A helicopter will be used therefore we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Entrance roads to the Park

Please note that both Mosu and Lilydale entrance roads to the park are in a bad condition and they are not recommended for normal caravans.

Construction at Mokala National Park

The Park will be commencing with construction work to upgrade the last 3 non-self catering units to self-catering. Construction will start on 12 June 2017 - 15 July 2017.

We apologise for any inconvenience and noise disturbance the construction will make during your visit to the Park.


Please note that there is no restaurant facility available at Lilydale Rest Camp. Please view the Restaurant Operating Times information for Mosu Restaurant.

Things To See

  1. Endangered mammal species
  2. Indigenous plant species
  3. The Camel thorn tree – iconic to the landscape of Mokala
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Dog Food Drive for Mokala National Park

Posted by: SHR PR & Media (30th October 2017)

Dog Food Drive for Mokala National Park

Posted by: SHR PR & Media (30th October 2017)

Mokala Night Drives

Posted by: Gnomey (1st August 2017)

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