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How To Get There

Internal Road Network

Sedan vehicles might not be suitable for all roads within the park when there has been rain in the area. Please contact the park for updated information with regards to the accessibility of the roads (both internal and external).

During the rainy season we have to close some of the internal roads of the park for the safety of the guests. This will have a direct impact on the road leading from Mosu Lodge to Lilydale Rest Camp. The alternative route/detour will be along the N12 to either of the camps.

Guests to Mokala are advised to plan their trips to reach the main gates before gate closure times. The main gates are not manned 24 hours a day, therefore punctual arrival is advised to prevent any disappointment by arriving at a locked gate. Guests with bookings to the Tree House, Motswedi camping site and Haak-en-Steek should check-in at reception at the latest 1 hour before main gate closing times to make provision for travelling time to the different camps. Driving around outside the gate opening and closure times is not permitted. You will be advised of the internal camp gate times on arrival as it may change depending on the season.


The closest airport is Kimberly International. Car rental services are available at the airport.

There is also a private landing strip in the park.