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As a newly proclaimed park Mokala National Park will offer an exciting opportunity for birders to explore and help map the birding profile of this unexplored park.

Mokala National Park is host to a varied spectrum of birds which is located in the transition zone between Kalahari and Karoo biomes. Birds that can be spotted are the Kalahari species, black-chested prinia and its Karoo equivalent rufous-eared warbler as well as melodious lark. The rocky hillocks that characterise the park attract species such as freckled nightjar (vocal at night), short-toed rock thrush and cinnamon-breasted bunting.

As with most rest camps and human dwellings, there are a number of birds making use of the artificial man-made habitat around the accommodation, such as mousebirds, martins, robin-chats, thrushes, canaries and flycatchers.

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