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About the Wilderness Trails

A small percentage of South Africa is classified as real wilderness areas. In the Kruger National Park 49% of the surface area of about 2 million hectares are zoned as wilderness and it is in these areas that the KNP conduct wilderness trails.

There are thousands of wildlife destinations on the African continent but few of them offer an authentic wilderness experience to tourists. Driving around in an open game drive vehicle the whole time and staying in a luxury lodge is not necessary the real thing. Staying in a rustic, primitive camp and experiencing the African bush on foot is much closer to an ultimate wilderness type of recreation. That is what we offer the more adventurous tourist – wildness, remoteness, tranquillity, peace and a big bonus: no other people!

Although the KNP conduct trails in big five areas the main aim of these trails is to have a wilderness experience. The KNP Wilderness Trails cannot compete with other expensive luxury destinations as far as guaranteed game viewing and service is concerned but we can offer vast open spaces and a special kind of atmosphere that very few other destinations can match. Everybody nowadays offers big five as part of the package. Few can offer an experience of real bush exclusivity. KNP Wilderness Trails sees dangerous animals as part of the bigger picture and not the whole picture.

There are so much more to see and to experience and we focus not only on the big aspects of nature but also on the smaller things that most people miss when they only drive around. Being on foot makes you feel part of the environment and not removed from it when you spend your time in a vehicle. It tunes you in to all facets of nature because you can see, smell, hear, touch, feel and even taste wild things. Driving is a visual experience – walking is a sensual experience.

Wilderness ethics and philosophy are very important aspects of the KNP’s presentation on trails. It is a sad fact that there are so few real wilderness areas left to the human race on earth and our mission is to create this awareness amongst our clients. The more people worldwide that stand up for our natural heritage the more we and future generations will benefit.

It is never the same people that we say goodbye to than the people that we’ve met. Simply because in a few days’ people relax and enjoy it so much that they forget their problems and the outside world where they came from to such an extent that they become rejuvenated and recharged.

Wilderness Trail Restcamp Nearest Entrance Gate
Bushmans Berg-en-Dal Malelane
Mathikithi Satara Orpen
Napi Pretoriuskop Numbi
Nyalaland Punda Maria Punda Maria
Olifants Letaba Phalaborwa
Sweni Satara Orpen
Wolhuter Berg-en-Dal Malelane

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