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23 April 2024

West Coast National Park Announces Review Process of Park Management Plan

Langebaan – South African National Parks (SANParks) is pleased to announce that West Coast National Park (WCNP) is in the process of reviewing its Park Management Plan (PMP), which takes place every 10 years.

As part of the review process, a one-day workshop was held with key stakeholders from Langebaan and the Saldana Bay community together with SANParks staff, which allowed participants the opportunity to provide input/comment on the desired state (strategic direction) of WCNP and assisted in identifying the important management issues that should be addressed in the PMP.

The Park Management Plan is a critical document that provides guidance to Park Management regarding the development and management of the park in its current and envisaged future form. It contains information on the background, biophysical context, desired state, zonation, and programmes at strategic and operational levels.

The review of the Park Management Plan is a great milestone for the WCNP which promotes cohesion amongst the park and its broader community. Stakeholders will be involved throughout the process to ensure that their concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered. The draft PMP will be provided by February 2025 and will include public input in the management plan.

For more information about West Coast National Park, please visit the park’s website at: