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Socio-Economic Transformation

SANParks recognises that most of its national parks are located in rural areas with limited opportunities for development, high levels of poverty, unemployment and inequalities. It also acknowledges the injustices of the past which saw most of these national parks established on land dispossessed from the rightful owners during the apartheid laws.

SANParks aims to bring about transformation within surrounding communities by providing increased opportunities to engage and reap benefits from SANParks business, and facilitate training aimed at creating awareness and enhancing knowledge and skills of targeted groups. This includes:

  • Transformation of wildlife economy through increased previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI) participation.
  • Improved participation of PDIs in SANParks.
  • Increased access to education and skills development opportunities.
  • Sustained CSI towards community development.
  • Improved participation of land claimants in SANParks business.

These initiatives are implemented by the Socio-Economic Transformation Department (SET) with support from various units.