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Sustainable Organisation

The entity aims to become a financially sustainable organisation by increasing its own generated revenue, mainly through the development of a 20-year financial sustainability model, including an alternative revenue model, the increase of tourism revenue, effectively managing its allocated budget (income to cost ratio) and mobilising additional resources. In addition, it plans to have a transformed and capable human capital, an improved ethical culture maturity rating, effective and innovative systems and business processes, and sound corporate governance and appropriate and well-maintained infrastructure.

The achievement of the SANParks’ planned MTSF outputs and the realisation of the expected outcomes depend on the availability of the required financial and human resources, which are critical in the implementation of programmes. In many other areas of work of SANParks, making progress on planned deliverables also depends on the cooperation, participation, and support of key stakeholders in the respective processes.

Management has carefully considered and decided on key outcomes which if achieved will see SANParks making significant progress in achieving the desired long-term impact on society and on the natural environment.