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23 October 2015

Arid Region not so dry after all, scooped up 7 awards

The Arid Region scooped up 7 awards as well as an award for a highly valued Associate partner, Department of Economic Development and Tourism in the Northern Cape. This department was recognised for the enormous support in tourism development projects in the Arid Region. The best performer award, which is the most sought after award was also awarded to an Arid Region employee, Pieter van Wyk.

Congratulations to all recipients. If we continue to strive for excellence and produce work of such high standards we will take home a lot more awards next year.

Namaqua National Park:
Priscilla Magerman – Constituency Builder of the Year Award
Marian Schreuder – Best Customer Service of the Year Award

Mokala National Park:
Evan Jacobs – Excellence in the Workplace Award

Ai/Ais – Richtersveld Transfrontier Park:
Park of the Year Award
Esmund Voss – The Shield Award
Pieter van Wyk – Excellence in the Workplace Award
Pieter van Wyk – Overall Best Performer