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Activities & Facilities

West Coast National Park surrounds the beautiful clear waters of the Langebaan Lagoon. The lagoon itself is divided into 3 recreational zones, with different activities and facilities in each:

  • Zone A: multi-functional section for most water sports.
  • Zone B: reserved for sailboats and board sailing (no power boats or angling).
  • Zone C: wilderness area, which is closed to the public.

Community Fund

A community fund of 1% will be added to the cost of all accommodation and activity reservations arriving on or after the 1st of June 2012.

Wild Card Purchases

Park Activities

Walks and Trails

Geelbek Short Day Walks:

  • 9km: Beginning at the Geelbek Information Centre, the 9km is a circular walk to the dunes and back.
  • 7km: Also beginning at the Geelbek Information Centre, the well sign-posted 7km includes part of the 16mile beach, and is a circular walk.

Bakoor Trail

This is a short walk from the Langebaan gate to the Seeberg View Point, which is 4,6km long. Along this route bat eared foxes, Ostriches, Eland and many other animals can be spotted, as well as the beautiful view of the Langebaan lagoon.

Strandveld Trail Two-Day Hike

Day 1 of this trail will take you through about 14km of Strandveld unique to the West Coast of South Africa. Learn to identify plants such as the wild asparagus, sedge-stemmed love grass and many more while walking on this trail.

Day 2 of this trail is 14km long and will take you through Strandveld to the Sixteen Mile Beach before heading back to Geelbek.

Postberg Two Day Hiking Trails (Only during August and September)

NB! This trail must be booked in advance (bookings open in June). For booking and tariff information, contact the Geelbek Information Centre on 022 707 9902/3.

Postberg Trail in a Nutshell:

  • Hikers start and finish at Tsaarsbank and overnight at Plankiesbaai(tents are required)
  • Duration: 2 days one night
  • Day 1: 15.5 km (6 Hours)
  • Day 2: 11.8 km (3,5 Hours)
  • Maximum number of people on the trail: 12

General Information for the Postberg Trail:

  • Hikers must arrive at the Tsaarsbank gate at 09:00am to start the Trail. Cars can be parked at the Tsaarsbank gate. Please show your permit to the gate guard on duty before beginning your hike.
  • Stick to the designated and marked trail and do not take any short cuts.
  • The overnight point is situated at the southern end of Plankiesbaai. Hikers are required to bring their own tents and camping equipment. Tents should be erected on the level close to the ablutions and not on the dunes.
  • Ablution facilities include toilets, basins and drinking water. There are no showers, hot water or cooking utensils.
  • Braai facilities and wood are available at the overnight stop.
  • In the event of any injury or similar emergency, contact Park personnel on 022 772 2144.
  • Water is only available at the Tsaarsbank gate and overnight point at Plankiesbaai. No water is otherwise available along the rest of the trail.
  • This trail has been completed by both young and old alike, but it is strenuous and should not be undertaken unless you are reasonably fit.
  • Under no circumstances will vehicles be allowed to overnight, pick up or drop off people or equipment at Plankiesbaai.
  • Hikers with medical problems are advised not to start this hike. Remember to bring the map with you and enjoy the hike!

Steenbok One Day Trail (Only during August and September)

Steenbok Trail in a Nutshell:

  • Hike starts and finishes in Tsaarsbank.
  • Duration: One day hike.
  • Distance: 13.9 km (5 hours excluding breaks).
  • Maximum number of people on trail: 20

NB! This trail must be booked in advance (bookings open in June). For booking and tariff information, contact the Geelbek Information Centre on 022 707 9902/3.

General Information for the Steenbok Trail:

  • Be sure to stick to the demarcated paths - the first section (+/-2 km) of the Steenbok Day Trail follows the route of the 2 day trail up to Konstabelkop. The 2-day trail is marked with flower sign boards. Where the Steenbok trail deviates from this trail, it is marked with Steenbok signboards.
  • Water is only available at Tsaarsbank and Plankiesbaai; therefore ensure that you start the trail with sufficient water.
  • The trail starts and ends at the Tsaarsbank gate. Once you are ready to begin, check in with the gate guard at Tsaarsbank. You are advised not to start later than 09:00. The Postberg section closes at 17:00, so please aim to complete the trail before closing.
  • In the event of any injury or similar emergency, contact Park personnel at 022 722 2144.
  • It is unavoidable that some sections of the trail are on the roads used by the general public. For your own safety please be aware of vehicles.

Eve's Trail

Eve's Trail is a 2,5 day 30km guided trail, traversing the ancient steps of "Eve" - the being from whom it is thought that all human life descended.

Eve's footprint was discovered in rock (formerly sea sand) at Kraalbaai in 1995 and are said to belong to a young woman who lived 117 000 years ago. The original prints are housed at the Iziko Museums' South African Museum in Cape Town. The replica of the footprint can be seen at the Geelbek Visitor's Centre.

The trail is fully guided, catered and portered.
For more information and booking, visit

General Trail Regulations

The above trails are situated within a national park and are therefore subject to the National Parks Act. The most applicable regulations are:

  • No pets allowed.
  • No picking of flowers.
  • No removal of any material, plant or animal.
  • Speed limit 50km/h.
  • Do not litter.
  • No fires on the beach.
  • Please remain in your vehicle, for your own safety.
  • Please do not pick up tortoises.

Cycling and Mountain Biking Trails

Cycling route information

  • All routes start from the Langebaan Gate.

***All cyclist are expected to pay normal conservation fees at the gate or buy a Wild Card.***

Cycling routes:

  • Langebaan gate - Geelbek & return 30km on tarred road.
  • Langebaan gate - Kraalbaai & return 70km on tarred road.

Mountain biking routes:

  • The 13km Green Trail (follow Green signs) starts at the Langebaan gate and traverses up to the Seeberg Bird Hide before heading back to the gate.
  • The 17km Red Trail (follow Red signs) uses a similar route to the Green route, but heads up instead to the Seeberg Lookout and thereafter to Mooimaak before heading back to the Langebaan gate.

Code of Conduct for Cycling and Mountain Biking:

  • Respect the National Park and do not damage anything.
  • Beware of and do not scare the animals.
  • Leave no trace except tyre spoors on the route.
  • Ride on marked trails only and heed no-entry signs.
  • Be alert to other riders and cars.
  • Normal road rules apply on the tar.
  • No helmet - no ride.
  • Except for the deviations described above, no bike may use any other trail or dirt road in the Park.

Download the West Coast National Park cycling routes map.

Bird Watching

West Coast National Park is home is over 250 bird species, over a quarter of South Africa's total. Some of these, such as the Curlow Sandpiper, Sanderling and Knot, journey 15 000km from Russia every year to their breeding grounds inside this beautiful National Park on the West Coast of South Africa.

The four bird hides inside the Park give you the opportunity of viewing some of the many bird species found in this area, such as Flamingo, Ostrich and Black Harriers. Bird hides can be found at Geelbek (two), the Abrahamskraal Waterhole and below the Seeberg Lookout Point.

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View more information on Birding in the park.

Picnic and Braai Sites

Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with family and friends. Kraalbaai's beach provides the perfect peaceful setting for having a picnic or braai with the whole family.

If you fancy the beach as against the banks of the lagoon, take a drive further north to the Tsaarsbank section of the park and picnic or braai while looking out for whales swimming along the coastline (during August and September).

Please do note that alcohol is not permitted at public areas such as the picnic and braai sites, beaches and the banks and shores of the Langebaan Lagoon.

High Season!

During the peak summer and holiday months of December and January, West Coast National Park is a very popular spot amongst both local and international tourists - so be sure to come early to avoid queues and to find a braai-spot, as these are first-come, first-serve and cannot be reserved.

Whale Watching

During the months of August and September, visitors to the park are treated to magnificent displays by Southern Right whales passing our shores - these beautiful creatures can be viewed as they swim along the coastline in the Tsaarsbank section of the park.

Flower Season

During August and September, West Coast National Park bursts into a vast array of colour as Spring brings with it a landscape of flowering fynbos and veld.

Particularly prominent in the Postberg section of the park (which is only open to the public during Flower Season), the beautifully bright colour-scapes are unmatched along the West Coast of South Africa.

Take a drive or hike through the Postberg section during flower season and you are guaranteed to capture picturesque scenes of Game in amongst the colourful flowers.

Flower Season Popularity:

Flower Season at West Coast National Park has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and visitors are encouraged to come early to avoid long queues at park gates, which on sunshine days, can be very long.

Tips to make the most of Flower Season:

  • Download the Gate Registration Form and fill it out before you come to the park. This will speed up time at the gate and shorten the waiting period for everybody.
  • Weekends are particularly busy, so if you can, come through on a week-day.
  • Plan to spend the whole day (or even overnight at one of the accommodation facilities in the park), as experiencing the Flower Season is best done at a slow, relaxed pace.
  • Pack a picnic basket, or enjoy breakfast or lunch at Geelbek Restaurant in the park, which always brings Flower Season to life with new menu's and specials.
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Information Centres are situated at Preekstoel and Geelbek.
The are no ATM facilities available inside the Park.

Geelbek Information Centre:

  • Purchase a Wild Card.
  • View images/posters of fauna and flora that can be found at the Park.
  • View the replica of Eve's Footprint.
  • Book accommodation.
  • Info on birds and bird hides.

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