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Filming, Photography & Events

We do not allow any filming, photography, events, functions or races across the park between the 15th of December and the 15th of January, each year. In addition, each location has additional site-specific times and dates when filming is not allowed.

Application Form

Should you wish to film or shoot in West Coast National Park, please download and complete the form below.

Application for Filming, Photography and Events in West Coast National Park

Please email the completed forms to [email protected]. We do not accept fax submissions.


Khumbulani Tshabalala
Film and Events Administrator (film permits for all Parks except Kruger National Park)

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 (0)21 712 0527

General Information

All applications are to be submitted to the Table Mountain National Park Permit office. The following application time frames apply:

  • Stills: Five working days (excludes weekends)
  • Commercials: Ten working days (excludes weekends)

West Coast National Park reserves the right to not issue a permit should Management deem the activity to be unsuitable in a National Park, harmful to the environment or other park users or should the event conflict with the Organizations’ Conservation Principles.

Certain applications will require you to engage the services of an Environmental Control Officer (ECO) and/or Baboon Monitors. Please note that ECO services, as well as Baboon Monitors, are at an additional cost to the applicant over and above the permit fee. The contact details are as follow:

NCC Environmental Services

Crecilda van der Merwe
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 (0)21 702 2884

ECO Services

Chris Zuidema
Mobile: +27 (0)82 672 9351
Email: [email protected]

Ecologic Environmental Services

Grant Alexander
Mobile: +27 (0)79 825 0099
Email: [email protected]


Application Process

  • Once your application is submitted, the relevant time frames begin to run.
  • Your application form will be assessed and should it be found to be incomplete, we may send it back to you to provide us with the additional information required. If this is the case, the time frames mentioned above cease to run.
  • If your application form is in order and your application is approved, you will receive an invoice.
  • Note we invoice per location reserved.
  • Once the invoice is received, please verify that the details are accurately reflected and pay the amount due and owing.
  • The permit will only be issued once proof of payment has been received. Please note you will need to email the proof of payment to us. We prefer you pay via EFT as we require a cheque to clear before we can issue a permit and this might take seven to ten working days. The latest we accept proof of payment by is 15:00 daily to allow time to process the permit and provide you with a copy thereof.
  • Once an invoice has been issued, the invoice is no longer open to amendment and no refunds or credits will be authorised.
  • Permits are only issued during working hours and the Film and Event office operates from 08:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday.
  • Film dates will only be optioned for two days per application. This practice is allowed on the basis that payment will need to be made to secure a date(s) when other enquiries are made. Application Forms for options need to be received five clear working days before the option date or the option dates will be forfeited without notice.

The use of SANParks locations are subject to Section 86(1) of the National Environmental Management: Protection Areas Act (Act 57 of 2003) for the duration of a visit to a National Park. A permit must be retained and kept at all times and produced on request. Failure to comply with permit conditions may result in prosecution or affect the future granting of such permits. The areas under the control of SANParks are used entirely at own risk and neither SANParks nor its service provider shall be liable for any claims, accidents, injuries or loss, etc. arising from such use.


Where can I film in WCNP along the water’s edge?

The following marine areas may be used for filming in the WCNP

  • Kraalbaai – from the wooden jetty in the north to Preekstoel 2nd boardwalk in the south.
  • Klein Oesterwal/Oostewal – from southern bin to rock face. We need to decide on the traversing of ‘Shark Bay Property’. The public parking area should be used for vehicles.
  • Langebaan beach – from Pearly’s restaurant in the north to SANParks offices in the south (base camp to be outside the park, however, the numbers permitted for the overall shoot remain unchanged.
  • Tsaarsbank and beach area 1 km south of parking area. For work on the water, most of Zone A is available. Please note that vessels/boats require a boat permit (obtainable from the marine office of the WCNP) if used on the lagoon.

What other locations are available in WCNP for filming?

  • Abrahamskraal (only if no guests are staying in the cottage or if the crew books the cottage).
  • Geelbek if the concessionaire agrees and a SANParks permit is required
  • Mooimaak by special arrangement.
  • Soutpan by special arrangement

Are there any other locations that might be considered for filming for documentaries?

Malgas Island – and offshore of the other islands for underwater shoots. Prior arrangements are required with WCNP for work on Malgas Island.

Postberg Nature Reserve

  • Work in Postberg is subject to permission from the Postberg Directorate.
  • At least two weeks prior notice is required so as to contact the Postberg Nature Reserve Directorate for permission.
  • Shoots here require that the crew be accompanied by a West Coast National Park employee at all times.
  • Max 3 people (cast and crew) and 1 vehicle. The island’s logistics will need to be carefully planned. The park will indicate which ECO company you will be obligated to use for this shoot.
  • No shoots on weekends or public holidays or during December and January
  • No shoots during Flower season.

What are ‘no go’ filming areas?

  • No filming permitted at Schrywershoek, Boerplein, Churchhaven, Pottebakkery, Bossieskraal or Stofbergsfontein
  • No filming in bird hides or on boardwalks.
  • No filming in guest accommodation.
  • No vehicles are allowed on beaches at any time.
  • No crews or vehicles are allowed (including no off-loading) at the bottom parking (gravel) at Kraalbaai in front of the ranger’s office.
  • No powered vessels are permitted in the Zone B of the lagoon.

Can we film from an aircraft over WCNP?

No, filming from an aircraft, drone or helicopter is allowed.

Can we film from the lagoon back towards the park?

Yes, but only if you have a permit from the film office and to obtain one you must provide proof that the vessel you plan to use has a permit from WCNP to operate in the lagoon.

Can we bring any animals into the park for a shoot?

No animals may be brought into the park for a shoot

Can we bring any plants, leaves, branches, fruit, flowers, seeds and pods into the park for a shoot?

No, you may not bring in any plants, leaves, seeds, pods, roots, fruit or flowers into the park.

Can we make a fire as part of the shoot?

No fires are allowed as part of the shoot.

Can we use a generator as part of the shoot?

You may use a one blimped generator with a drip tray in the car parks and base campsites. under ECO supervision.

Can we film all year round?

No, the park is closed for film shoots over Easter weekends and from 15th December to 15th January annually (these dates vary slightly each year and will be determined by WCNP in January each year).

Can we pay to enter the park early or pay to leave the park late?

No, you are obligated to adhere to gate entry and exit times/gate operating hours. Please familiarise yourself with travelling time to the gates from your shoot location keeping in mind the speed restrictions in the park.

What is the maximum number of crew members/persons and vehicles permitted for a shoot in WCNP?

You may have 45 people and 15 vehicles.

How many people and vehicles can we have on-site for a stills shoot?

You may have 15 persons on-site and 2 vehicles.

Can I arrive at the gate with more people and vehicles than stipulated on the permit?

No, you will only be allowed entry for the number of vehicles and people listed on the permit.

Is an Environmental Control Officer required to be on-site for all shoots?

Yes, an ECO is required to be on-site for all shoots.

Is an ECO included in the tariffs?

No, ECOs are sourced from outsourced companies and their costs are in addition to SANParks tariffs.

Can I use any ECO company?

No, there is a list of approved ECO service providers from which you may source an ECO.

Can I use special effects as part of the shoot?

No special effects may be used as part of the shoot.

Can I bring in props that are part of the shoot?

Yes, you may bring in props but they need to be listed on your application form and be preapproved.

There is an additional cost for props that will be added to your invoice.

Must I apply in advance for a permit?

Yes, please acquaint yourself with the film permit application time frames and submit your application within in the requested time limits

Will I be required to pay the invoice in advance of the shoot?

Yes, to be able to shoot in the park you need to obtain a permit and for the permit to be issued you need to settle the invoice provided and provided Proof of payment (POP) of such invoice to the Film department.

Must I carry my permit with me at all times?

Yes, you will need to provide your film permit to the gate upon entry to the park and you need to keep a copy of the permit available for the entire time you are shooting in the park.

Can I block book a week of dates if I don’t know what date the planned shoot will be?

No, we only allow you to block two days at a time.

Do you take pencil bookings?

Yes, we take pencil bookings through the Film Office on 021 712 7471

Do you allow crews to share a site?

No, we only allow one crew on a site per day.

If I have paid and then decide not to film on the day will you refund me?

We refund less a 30% cancellation fee

Can I film in WCNP with a crane?

No, you cannot bring a crane into WCNP

Can we drive any vehicles on the beach?

No vehicles are allowed on the beach

Can we use alcohol in shoots?

Alcohol is not allowed on the beach and hence won’t allow an alcohol advert to be filmed

If we rent the houseboats can we shoot on the beach at sunrise?

Yes but proof of hiring of the houseboats need to be confirmed by the houseboat concessionaire and the filming may only be at Kraalbaai