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Recreational Facilities in Harkerville Forest

Access to the facilities is gratis by means of self-issue permits at various unmanned access points. Certain access points are however manned at times, when entry fees will be levied.

1. The Garden of Eden

A superb example of Wet Highforest, an unusual forest-type with many examples of tall stinkwood (Ocotea bullata), kalander (Podocarpus jalca/us), wit-els (Pla/ylophus trifoliatus) and other tree species of the moister forest types. Short, circular walks traverse the area and an 800 metre trail for those in wheelchairs is route-marked. This site was first opened in 1926.

2. Kranshoek Viewpoint and Picnic Site

One of the most beautiful spots on the southern Cape coast. Kranshoek offers the visitor cliff-top views of the coast and a warm, sheltered picnic site. There is even a stream, with frogs, for the children to play in.

Kranshoek Coastal Trail & Viewpoint

3. Kranshoek Coastal Day-Walk

A nine kilometre, circular walk which traverses coastal forest and some spectacular coastal scenery. The full walk is fairly tough and demands a descent and ascent of 200 metres. Good walking shoes are essential. A shorter loop of approxin1ately three kilometres can also be taken.

4. The Harkerville Coast Hiking Trail

This two-day, 24 kilometre hike, starts and ends at the Harkerville Forest Station. It passes through some prime examples of high-forest, crosses sections of coastal fynbos and takes the hiker along some breathtaking natural scenery along a cliff-coast. Bookings for the two huts, the Harkerville and the Sinclair, should be made with the Forestry Regional Office in Knysna, Tel: (044) 3825863.

5. The Harkerville Mountain-bike Routes

These routes offer some of the finest mountain-biking in South Africa. There are three route-marked tracks, colour coded Red (23 km), Green (15 km) and Blue (12 km). All three include sections of "off-road" riding along forest paths. The Red route includes some of the most dramatic scenery in the country.

6. Horseriding

A number of horse-trails 'have been marked through the indigenous forest.

7. The Harkerville Youth Group Centre

Basic budget accommodation is provided for youth groups. A kitchen area, an outdoor boma for braais, dormitory-type sleeping accommodation and ablution facilities with showers are available.

Reservations are through the SANParks Regional Office in Knysna.

8. The Harkerville Forest Chalet

A getaway in the tree-tops. The chalet is spacious, has two bedrooms with bathrooms en suite and is superbly appointed. It is the ideal place to enjoy the peace of the forest.

Reservations are through the SANParks Regional Office, Knysna.

Harkerville Forestry Station

  • Tel: (044) 532 7770
  • Fax: (044) 532 7770

SANParks, Knysna

  • Tel: (044) 302 5606
  • Fax: (044) 3025627

GRNP offers the visitor a wide range of outdoor activities. This leaflet highlights only those in Harkerville Forest.

For more detailed information on recreational facilities in other State Forests in the southern Cape you are welcome to visit our Regional Office, in Demar Centre, Main Street, Knysna.

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Did You Know?

  • The GRNP has the single largest block of Afromontane forest in South Africa including the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma sandstone fynbos areas, Mountains, forest and coast in close proximity and scenic beauty.