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Knysna Town

The picturesque town of Knysna provides a wide variety of facilities and curio shops.


Knysna has a number of shopping centres, which provide for all a shopper’s needs. There are supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, coffee bars, pharmacies and a host of specialised shops.

One centre is geared more towards the local arts and crafts and is housed in an up-graded historical building that was once a timber sawmill.

Arts & Crafts

As a result of a relaxed lifestyle, Knysna has over the years, attracted a wide variety of art and crafters, creating an artists’ paradise. There are numerous galleries where one can enjoy the local arts and crafts and appreciate the talent and work that is produced here.


Fishing, water skiing and pure relaxation are all part of Knysna, where conservation and recreation subtly harmonise. Private enterprises provide water sports such as sailing, angling, boardsailing and power boating in specifically zoned areas.