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Species Checklist

Order Insectivora
Family Soricidae
Crocidura cyanea Reddish-grey musk shrew
Family Macroscelididae
Elephantulus rupestris Smith's rock elephant-shrew
Macroscelides proboscideus Round-eared elephant shrew
Order Chiroptera
Family Molossidae
Sauromys petrophilus Flat-headed free-tailed bat
Tadarida aegyptiaca Egyptian free-tailed bat
Family Vespertilionidae
Eptesicus capensis Cape serotine bat
Myotis seabrai Angola hairy bat (indeterminate)
Family Nycteridae
Nycteris thebaica Egyptian slit-faced bat
Family Rhinolophidaee
Rhinolophus capensis Cape horseshoe bat
Rhinolophus clivosus Geophroy's horseshoe bat
Rhinolophus darlingi
Darling's horseshoe bat
Rhinolophus fumigatus Ruppell's horseshoe bat
Family Hipposideridae
Hipposideros caffer Sundevall's leaf nosed bat
Order Primates
Family Cercopithecidae
Cercopithecus pygerythrus Vervet monkey
Papio ursinus Chacma baboon
Order Lagomorpha
Family Leporidae
Lepus capensis Cape hare
Pronolagus rupestris Smith's red rock hare
Order Rodentia
Family Bathyergidae
Cryptomys hottentotus Common molerat
Family Hystricidae
Hystrix africaeaustralis Porcupine
Family Gliridae
Graphiurus platyops Rock dormouse
Family Sciuridae
Xerus inaurus Ground squirrel
Family Petromuridae
Petromus typicus Dassie rat
Family Cricetidae
Desmodillus auricularis Short-tailed gerbil
Gerbillurus paeba Hairy-footed gerbil
Malcothrix typica Large-eared mouse
Otomys unisulcatus Bush karoo rat
Parotomys brantsii Brant's whistling rat
Parotomys littledalei Littledale's whistling rat
Petromyscus collinus Pygmy rock mouse (indeterminate)
Family Muridae
Aethomys namaquensis Namaqua rock mouse
Rhabdomys pumilio Striped mouse
Thallomys paedulcus Black-tailed tree rat
Order Carnivora
Family Hyaenidae
Hyaena brunnea Brown hyaena (rare)
Proteles cristatus Aardwolf (rare)
Family felidae
Felis caracal Caracal
Felis lybica African wild cat (vulnerable)
Panthera pardus Leopard (rare)
Family Canidae
Canis mesomelas Black-backed jackal
Otocyon megalotis Bat-eared fox
Vulpes chama Silver fox
Family Mustelidae
Aonyx capensis Cape clawless otter
Ictonyx striatus Striped polecat
Mellivora capensis Honey badger (vulnerable)
Family Viverridae
Atilax paludinosus Water mongoose
Cynictis penicillata Yellow mongoose
Galerella pulverulenta Small grey mongoose
Genetta genetta Small-spotted genet
Suricata suricatta Suricate
Order Hyracoidea
Family Procaviidae
Procavia capensis Rock hyrax
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae
Equus zebra hartmannae Zebra hartmann's
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Oreotragus oreotragus Klipspringer
Pelea capreolus Rhebok grey
Raphicerus campestris Steenbok
Sylvicapra grimmia Duiker grey

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