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Visitor Tips

  • Book a hop-on-guide at the Game Drives Reception office and enjoy the luxury of a trained guide showing and telling you all about the park in the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • Hot days at waterholes are best for elephant viewing.
  • Lions and spotted hyenas are most often seen in the early morning or evening to night time.
  • A road map of tourist routes within the park will be given to each vehicle upon entering the Park. Additional maps are for sale at the shop. Various information sheets are available at reception.
  • The swimming pool is for overnight guests only.
  • What visitors need to take along (preparation for the trip): binoculars, cameras, walking shoes and wildlife reference books. As outdoor lighting in camps is limited, a torch/headlamp is required when walking outside at night.
  • For summer (September – March), cool comfortable clothing is recommended along with sunhats and sunscreen.
  • For winter and autumn (April – August), warm clothing is recommended, especially for the night times.
  • No immunisations are needed for travel to the park as it is situated in a malaria-free area. Insect repellent is recommended, especially in summer.
  • The fence surrounding the camp is electrified and should not be touched.
  • Please don’t shine flashlights into the eyes or face of animals when watching the waterhole area at night. Rather light their body or legs which will cause less disturbance to them.
  • Kindly keep cell phones on silent mode and keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb animals and other visitors.
  • Please use water sparingly. This is a low rainfall area.
  • All litter and leftovers must be transported out of the camp.
  • You may not drive around the game area after specified gate hours.