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World Class Governance, Compliance and Management of Donor Funding

While SANParks is regarded as a blue chip organisation in the environmental and tourist space, nevertheless, sustainability remains a challenge for many organisations, including SANParks, in the non-profit and parastatal space. CSI budgets are driven by profitability, which is declining in the face of the global economic down turn... continue reading

SMS Donate to 40401 for SANParks Fundraising (SMS charges R20.00)

  • Project Skywards is a funding initiative for the South African National Parks Airwing with emphasis on the Aircraft Capability, Logistical and Fuel requirements for Wildlife Management and Conservation Activities and in specific the recent demand for dedicated Anti-Poaching Support ...

    Required amount:
    R 19 000 000
    Collected amount:
    R 4 610
  • As part of the SANParks' mandate to conserve and sustain natural resources, a Greening and Management Plan has been introduced to local communities adjacent to KNP which is aiming to encourage a clean, green, safe and healthy environment. Part of the objectives to achieve th...

    Required amount:
    R 2 809 500
    Collected amount:
    R 640
  • Referred to as the "game changers", the canine unit in the Kruger National Park form an integral part of the anti-poaching team.

    The unit comprises of approximately 52 dogs that perform an array of functions including the trackin...

    Required amount:
    R 652 000
    Collected amount:
    R 8 755