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Kruger National Park


To manage the Kruger National Park (KNP) by providing professional guidance, auditing and specialist conservation management through an integrated and ecologically sustainable approach.

Conservation Principles

  • Naturally functioning ecosystems as far as possible
  • Minimum interference
  • Constructive engagement with neighbours
  • Sustainable community benefits
  • Restoration of the ecosystem where applicable and possible
  • Strategic adaptive management
  • Integrated Environmental Management
  • Precaution

Conservation Management Functions

  • Biodiversity Conservation – including fire management, water provision, erosion control, damage causing animals and problem animals.
  • Water Resources Management – ensuring that adequate environmental flows are maintained in rivers originating outside of the KNP, and that water quality remains within acceptable limits. This requires close cooperation with Catchment Management Agencies and the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation.
  • Alien Biota – keeping the more than 380 alien plant species and several alien animal species in the Park in check, and implementing strategies to prevent further invasions.
  • Conservation/Community Interface – implementing strategies to ensure integrated and compatible land use practices on KNP boundaries, leading to maximum community beneficiation.
  • Planning and Environmental Management – ensuring that all necessary developments within the boundaries of the KNP are appropriate and compatible with the zoning of the KNP.
  • Wildlife Products Section – proper management and safekeeping of all wildlife products (skins, hides, ivory, horns) originating from natural mortalities and management actions.
  • Biodiversity Social Projects – supporting many of the other conservation functions (alien biota control, ecosystem restoration, erosion control, etc.) through job creation (approximately 600 people employed in Working for Water, Working for Ecosystems, etc.)
  • Conservation Interpretation – ensuring appropriate conservation management information is disseminated to visitors of the KNP through training of Guides and other means.
  • Skukuza Indigenous Nursery – making indigenous plants available to the public, ensuring appropriate water-wise gardens in rest camps and propagating rare and endangered medicinal plants for distribution to communities.