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People With Disabilities

Travel for people with disabilities can be scary, because it means moving to unfamiliar destinations.

South African National Parks would love to be considered accessible destinations that all people regardless of their mental, sensory or physical capabilities can visit without any difficulties. The shape of the natural environment and uninformed people’s attitudes and actions often limits this, but still within all parks many wonderful opportunities exist for those people with special requirements.

These pages are geared towards informing readers of these opportunities. They perhaps focus more on physical access as most of the information has been compiled by a staff member who is himself a paraplegic, and while everyone is different with different requirements, it is hoped that the information here will benefit those people who do not know the layout of the various destinations. While factors like transport, spare time and financial resources are factors for everyone, it is hoped that visitors to the parks will encounter as few barriers as possible.

Most of the camps and visitor destinations in all of the parks provide ramped access into their mainstream facilities. In many cases accessible public ablution facilities are provided. Furthermore most of the parks accommodation offerings have selected units that have been adapted for use by mobility impaired guests. The descriptions on accessibility in National Parks as found under each park in “Wheelchair and mobility impaired access”pertain to physical access for people with mobility impairment. These will apply to people in wheelchairs, using crutches, with prams, with frailty or reduced energy levels etc.

If you are making a booking and have special accessibility requirements, please request to be allocated the appropriate accommodation by following the instructions provided under Booking Procedure.

View/Download our Comprehensive Guide to Universal Access in South African National Parks for Guests with Disabilities

To make comments and suggestions or to view those from other persons with disabilities go to the Discussion Forum.