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South Africa hosts about one tenth of the world’s bird species.

The country’s national parks offer excellent venues to view these birds, and with parks located in all corners of the country, in a variety of habitats, each park has its own unique avi-spectrum.

For up to date information and discussions, as well as birding events please visit our Birding Forum.

Park Birding

Park pages feature a spectrum of information about birding in South African National Parks. There are also checklists of the birds that may be found in each of the parks (lists derived from park records and SAOS Atlasing records) and additional information on birds and birding in SANParks.


Have you seen an African Fish Eagle on a recent visit to Kruger National Park (KNP)? A Bataleur? A Pallid Harrier? If you see these big birds, or a number of others on your next foray into the park, we’d like you to tell us about your sighting! Not sure what they look like? Not to worry – you’ll soon find posters dotted around the park to help you out. You can email your sightings to [email protected].

SANParks, in collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the “Stiffnecks” birdclub, are asking the public to help record bird sightings within the KNP. They have produced a number of large posters displaying photos of each bird to look out for, as well details for the submission of sighting reports.

This poster project is an exciting example of how the SANParks forum community is getting involved in conservation efforts. Jackie During, chairperson of the forum birdclub, the Stiffnecks, approached SANParks with the idea for the project as a way to involve the keen online birding community in research in the park.

With the invaluable assistance of Chris Patton and Dr Andrew Deacon from SANParks, the project was approved and soon grew into a collaborative effort with Andre Botha, manager of the Birds of Prey Working Group of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.