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Sasol Tankwa Birding Bonanza 2016

Construction at Elandsberg

There is currently construction work underway at the Elandsberg Rest Camp within Tanwa Karoo National Park. The Park is excited about the construction of five additional units increasing the accommodation capacity at the Park. Construction of one unit will take place on the left hand side of the cottages and one from the entrance, while the other four units will be built on the right hand side of unit five. These construction sites will be properly fenced off to minimise any unnecessary discomfort to visitors. The construction work is envisioned to finish by the end of November 2016. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you kindly for your cooperation.

Just a four hour drive from Cape Town brings you to the ideal destination of Tankwa Karoo National Park (TKNP) for those seeking the brightest stars of Africa, a once in a lifetime glimpse of a rare endemic bird, or perhaps nothing more than a silence that reaches deep into the soul.

As luminous clouds of dust swirl through the ancient landscape, a tortoise patiently wanders in search of succulent morsels; a lizard basks in the sun while gemsbok and red hartebeest share the arid plains with mongoose, orb-web spiders, skinks and leggy toktokkies...

Main Attractions

  • Stargazing
  • 4x4 Trails
  • Self-Drive Game Viewing
  • Bird Watching
  • Scenic Viewpoints
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