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Mountain Zebra National Park

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Invigorating crystal clear air, beautiful scenery, tranquil ambience and an abundance of wildlife offer you a special and personal African wilderness experience at Mountain Zebra National Park.

The craggy heights of the Mountain Zebra National Park’s Bankberg embrace rolling plains and deep valleys, and have become an entrancing preserve for the Cape Mountain Zebra. The proclamation of the park in 1937 saved these animals from extinction, and currently their population stands at 300 where they roam 28 412 hectares of land. Other mammals found here include the cheetah, Cape buffalo, black rhino, eland, black wildebeest, red hartebeest and gemsbok, while mountain reedbuck and grey rhebok frequent the higher areas. Caracal occupies the niche of primary predator.

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  • Province: Eastern Cape
  • Nearest City/Town: Cradock
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Camp Site (CK6P)

Mountain Zebra National Park

Mountain Zebra National Park

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Family Cottage (FA4)

Mountain Zebra National Park

Mountain Zebra National Park

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