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Policy on Concessions for South African Senior Citizens

Including all Permanent Residents of South Africa - 60 Years and older

SANParks offers discounts on normal tariffs to the above persons provided the reservation is made in the name of the qualifying person. Social pensioners are those receiving old age, family and disability allowances as well as blind persons.

Concessions are not available on Friday and Saturday nights, nor any long weekends (if a weekend is preceded by a public holiday falling on a Thursday or Friday, or followed by a public holiday falling on a Monday or Tuesday it will be recognised as a long weekend and not qualify for discount. This also includes the Sunday of that particular weekend). This applies for all National Parks.

Tariffs and concessions are subject to alteration without advance notice.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Proof of identification or proof of pension category must be given on arrival.
  2. If an individual can prove that they have one of the following disabilities; blindness, deafness or are wheelchair bound and receive some sort of welfare pension, they will be considered for the concession and may apply in advance.
  3. NO claims resulting from failure to produce the necessary documentation will be paid out at a later stage.
  4. No discount is offered on conservation fees, meals or activities.
  5. Senior citizen discounts are not available to reservations made through the SANParks online reservations facility.
  6. Couples are entitled to one unit per visit. The discount will apply to the unit tariff. In the case of additional persons, the full bed tariff will be applicable if that person does not qualify for the concession.
  7. The discount in respect of camping, applies to the basic tariff as well as the per person tariff for those who qualify.
  8. NO claims resulting from failure to produce the necessary documentation will be paid out at a later stage.

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