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How to get there

Gate Hours

The Main Entrance Gate to the park at Twee Rivieren opens daily at 07:00.

January 05:30 – 19:30


06:00 – 19:30


06:30 – 19:00


07:00 – 18:30


07:00 – 18:00

June and July

07:30 – 18:00


07:00 – 18:30


06:30 – 18:30


06:00 – 19:00

November and December

05:30 – 19:30

GPS Coordinates





Entrance Gate

Twee Rivieren

S 26° 28'26"

E 20° 36'48"

Entry into the Park

Access to the Park can be gained through five gates in three different countries! From South Africa access is through the Twee Rivieren gate, from Namibia through the Mata-Mata gate and from Botswana through the Two Rivers, Mabuasehube and Kaa gates. Passports are not required for entry, unless departure is planned through a different gate into another country.

Directions from central Gauteng

The Kgalagadi Transfontier National Park is situated approximately 250 km from Upington in the far northern Cape and 904 km from Johannesburg. Visitors driving from Johannesburg have a choice of two routes, either via Upington (255 km tarred road) or via Kuruman, Hotazel and Vanzylrus (+/- 340 km gravel). Upington airport is the nearest airport to the Park and has car-hiring facilities. All guests intending to travel to Twee Rivieren, via Vanzylrus, must note that the gravel sections are badly corrugated and travelling at high speed is not advised. Guests travelling via Upington/Askham will be doing so on a tarred road that is in good condition.

Other travelling distances to the Park

Upington to Twee Rivieren: 265km
Kuruman to Twee Rivieren: 383km
Kimberley to Twee Rivieren: 621km
Cape Town to Twee Rivieren: 1 076km
Johannesburg to Twee Rivieren: 1 090km
Durban to Twee Rivieren: 1 463km
Mata-Mata to Keetmanshoop: 280km
Kaa gate to Maun: 797km
Mabuasehube gate to Gaborone: 533km
Mabuasehube gate to Maun: 787km
Mabuasehube gate to Tsabong: 115km
Two Rivers to Gaborone: 810km
Two Rivers to Tsabong: 310km

Travelling distances within the Park

  • Twee Rivieren – Nossob: 4.5hrs
  • Twee Rivieren – Mata-Mata: 3.5hrs
  • Twee Rivieren – Kalahari Tent Camp: 4.5hrs
  • Twee Rivieren – Grootkolk: 7.5hrs
  • Twee Rivieren – Urikaruus: 2.5hrs
  • Twee Rivieren – Kielie Krankie: 1.5hrs
  • Nossob – Union’s End: 3.5hrs
  • Nossob – Mata-Mata: 4.5hrs
  • Nossob – Bitterpan: 3.5hrs
  • Nossob – Grootkolk: 3hrs
  • Nossob – Gharagab ( entrance Route ): 3.45hrs


  • Roads in the park have gravel surfaces.
  • Light aircraft may land on a tarred runway at Twee Rivieren. Prior permission must be obtained from the Park.
  • Hired cars may be collected at Twee Rivieren provided that an advance booking is made with a car hiring company.
  • When driving from one rest camp to the other, travellers should depart with travelling times in mind to ensure arrival before sunset as no travelling is allowed in the park after dark.
  • NB: Gate times in the park are stricktly adhered to.


Camping is available at Polentswa, Rooiputs, Two Rivers and in Mabuasehube. A 4x4 vehicle is necessary to access the Botswana side of the Park.

NB: All routes within Botswana are to be travelled by no less than two vehicles.

4x4 Routes

Prior bookings are essential for these routes and can only be contemplated in a single direction as a whole.

  • Mabuasehube Wilderness Trail (starting at Mabuasehube) – 155km
  • Wilderness Trail (starting at Polentswa) – 257km

Direct Routes

These routes allows access to within Botswana but can only be driven with a 4x4

  • Direct Route – Nossob Riverbed to Mabuasehube – 170km
  • Direct Route – Kannaguass to Kaa – 85km

Contact Botswana

The Parks and Reserves Reservation Office:

  • Tel: 00 (from South Africa) 267 3180774
  • Fax: 00 267 3180775 or
  • email:

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Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail

Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail

Leeudril 4x4 Loop

Leeudril 4x4 Loop