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Kgalagadi offers premium mammal viewing destinations anywhere because of the sparse vegetation and concentration of animals in the dry riverbeds of the Auob and Nossob Rivers.

It is especially renowned for predator watching and for the seasonal movement of large herbivores such as blue wildebeest, springbok, eland and red hartebeest. Ground Squirrel and Suricate (Meerkat) are two more of the park’s more prominent species.

Both these ground dwelling species live in large family groups for added protection and can easily be seen throughout the park. Honey Badger (Ratel), Pangolin (Scaly Anteater) and Bat-eared Fox are some of the park specials to search for. But it is the predators that are the park’s biggest attraction. Excellent chances of seeing cheetah, leopard, brown and spotted hyena and the definitive black-maned lion exist.

Article: Lions of the Kgalagadi by Lara Raubenheimer

Checklist of mammals

African Striped Weasel African Wild Cat
African Wild Dog (Painted Wolf) Antbear (Aardvark)
Bat-Eared Fox Black-Backed Jackal
Black-Tailed Tree Rat Blue Wildebeest
Brant’s Whistling Rat Brown Hyena
Bushveld Elephant-Shrew Cape Golden Mole
Cape Hare Cape Serotine Bat
Caracal Chacma Baboon
Cheetah Common Mole Rat
Damara Mole Rat Desert Musk Shrew
Egyptian Free-Tailed Bat Egyptian Slit-Faced Bat
Eland Gemsbok
Giraffe Grass Climbing Mouse
Grey Duiker Ground Squirrel
Hairy-Footed Gerbil Highveld Gerbil
Honey Badger Kudu
Large-Eared Mouse Leopard
Lion Namaqua Rock Mouse
Pangolin Porcupine
Pouched Mouse Pygmy Mouse
Red Hartebeest Round-Eared Elephant Shrew
Short-Tailed Gerbil Silver (Cape) Fox
Slender Mongoose Small Spotted Cat
Small-Spotted Genet South African Hedgehog
Spotted Hyena Springbok
Springhare Steenbok
Striped Mouse Striped Polecat
Suricate Vervet Monkey
Warthog Woosnam’s Desert Rat
Yellow Mongoose  

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Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail

Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail

Leeudril 4x4 Loop

Leeudril 4x4 Loop