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Veterinary Wildlife Services (VWS) is a unit based within SANParks’ Conservation Services Division. It consists of veterinary and operational support staff. The unit has two divisions, based in Kruger National Park and Kimberley. The Kruger division supports the national parks located in the north of South Africa, while the Kimberley division supports the national parks situated in the south. The two divisions frequently collaborate, especially when implementing large and intricate conservation projects.

VWS conducting research to improve anaesthesia in white rhinoceros 2 (Photo P Buss)
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The main objective of Veterinary Wildlife Services is to facilitate SANParks’ conservation objectives by providing veterinary and operations capacity, which includes:

  • highly trained and experienced staff
  • research infrastructure
  • animal holding facilities
  • specialized equipment and vehicles used in the capture, translocation and management of wildlife in captivity