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Whistleblowing Hotline

Unethical conduct can impact significantly on the health of any organisation. SANParks is therefore committed to a business environment that is open, honest and transparent at all times. SANParks has declared a zero tolerance approach towards fraud, corruption or other acts of dishonesty, whether internal or external, and will vigorously pursue and prosecute any parties engaged in such practices or attempting to do so by all legal means available.

In light of this, SANParks has established a whistleblowing Hotline as a reporting mechanism for the detection of any fraud, corruption or any acts of dishonesty. The public, tourist, SANParks suppliers, contractors, employees or any other stakeholders are encouraged to report all fraud, corruption or related acts, or where strong suspicion thereof exists, through the SANParks Whistleblowing Hotline. The hotline is totally confidential and is managed by an external service provider, certified in accordance with the External Whistleblowing Hotline Service Standard E01.1.1 of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

The following hotline services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in all 11 official South African languages:

Any queries on how this service works can be directed to the whistle-blowing hotline or to the following SANParks employees:

Any customer service related matters should however be directed to the dedicated SANParks Customer Care line for attention and action. These include the following:

  • Dissatisfactory services provided by SANParks in terms of its infrastructure, maintenance, accommodation, housekeeping, employee interaction, reservation services, refund services etc.
  • Observations of other tourists not observing SANParks’ rules (e.g. exiting vehicles where not permitted, speeding).

Whistleblowing Hotline