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Park Planning & Development

Services of the section

  • Integrate planning initiatives throughout SANParks to provide a coordinated planning framework.
  • Park management plan design, review and assessment: The section is responsible for drafting and to review current management plans, so that plans can conform to adaptive planning principles, and be effective in guiding and measuring management actions and alignment with corporate strategies. Part of this is the roll out of the State of Biodiversity reporting system. Its direct linkage with the plan and review of its implementation remain important to the parks and SANParks as a responsible organisation.
  • Conservation planning: The section understands that conservation planning forms the basis of all conservation actions and as such need to be based upon the best conservation planning practices. The main prioritised areas of focus include:
    • Meeting national priorities as defined by SANBI.
    • Developing and implementing national and international best-practices.
    • Monitoring, evaluating, documenting and publicising reports in terms of its contribution to meeting its conservation mandate.
  • Park system design: expansion and establishment in both terrestrial and marine conservation. The section and SANParks operate in line with the approach of systematic assessment and planning for conservation systems. Furthermore, the outcomes of such planning are directly interfaced with park management via the conservation development framework (CDF’s) and Zonation plans. In marine conservation, the prime focus of this function is to provide a strategic planning service to SANParks to facilitate the identification, inclusion, and establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) adjacent to our coastal national parks and their consolidation into SANParks, ensuring that priorities are met.
  • Acquisition and land database management: The section also physically expands and consolidates the national park system in line with national targets, as this is an important focus of SANParks conservation mandate. This is achieved through donations, acquisitions or contractual inclusions of land parcels.
  • Park expansion and development projects: The section also focuses on the delivery of specific donor funded projects that integrate park expansion and development in a regional context such as that being undertaken in Addo Elephant National Park, Garden Route Initiative, and the Namaqua projects.
  • Internal spatial development: The Protected Areas Act (PAA) of 2003 requires that each park to have visitor use zoning plan setting out management objectives for each zones. This is met by the broader integrated CDF planning process which SANParks has accepted. The CDF’s developed with input form conservation planning interfaces into the park plans and regional planning initiatives.

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