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Tankwa Karoo National Park


Just a four hour drive from Cape Town brings you to the ideal destination of Tankwa Karoo National Park (TKNP) for those seeking the brightest stars of Africa, a once in a lifetime glimpse of a rare endemic bird, or perhaps nothing more than a silence that reaches deep into the soul.

As luminous clouds of dust swirl through the ancient landscape, a tortoise patiently wanders in search of succulent morsels; a lizard basks in the sun while gemsbok and red hartebeest share the arid plains with mongoose, orb-web spiders, skinks and leggy toktokkies...

Main Attractions

  • Stargazing
  • 4x4 Trails
  • Self-Drive Game Viewing
  • Bird Watching
  • Scenic Viewpoints

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Hiking tipps for Tankwa?

Posted by: Ina_HH (18th September 2013)

Hiking in Tankwa???

Posted by: rulefiggur (6th August 2013)

Tankwa National Park: Who knows the place ?

Posted by: shane (25th April 2013)

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