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Which Wild Card is right for me?

Is an Individual Card only for Adults?

Yes, this card can only be purchased for an Adult (anyone over the age of 18 years), the member must have a valid ID number for South Africans and Passport Number for SADC or International members.

Do I have to be married to get a Couple Card?

No, the Couple Card is for any two people – there doesn’t have to be any legal connection between them. The Couple Card can be used for two friends, siblings or romantic partners. BOTH parties must be listed with ID or passport numbers. This means the card is specific to the two people listed on it.
This card could also be for two adults or one adult and one child.

How many people may be added to a Family Card?

The Family card allows for a maximum of seven people added to the card.  This could thus be a maximum of two adults and five children or one adult and six children.

If I buy a Wild Card, could I bring a friend along on that card?

A Wild Card gives access to the people listed on that card. If you want access for two people, you have to buy a Couple Wild Card and enter your friend’s details on your card. The second person on the Couple Card is listed for the duration of the year – you cannot change the details to a new friend for every trip.

Can a foreigner living in South Africa purchase a Wild Card for locals?

Yes, but you have to provide proof of South African permanent or temporary residency or a work permit (valid for more than six months) to be eligible for the card. You will also be required to show this proof whenever you wish to access one of the partner parks. If you don’t have South African residency, you have to purchase an International Wild Card unless you are from a SADC country, in which case Local membership applies.

Can a foreigner living in South Africa purchase or renew a membership using an expired permit and/or documentation that indicates that they are awaiting approval of a permit extension from Home Affairs?

No, the permit should be valid for more than six months to be eligible for purchase/renewal of a Wild Card.

Can SADC residents purchase Local Cluster Cards?

Only citizens (nationals) of SADC countries qualify for the same benefits as South African residents.

As a SADC citizen, you must provide valid proof of your citizenship when you apply for a Local Cluster Card. You will also be required to show this proof whenever you wish to access one of the partner parks.

I have a residence/work permit for one of the neighbouring SADC countries; can I get a Local Cluster Wild Card?

Work permits or residence permits for other SADC states, are not accepted. In this case you will have to purchase an International Wild Card.

My partner is a foreigner with an international passport (no residency). Can we get the Couple Card for locals?

If your partner has no SA residence/work permit status, the only option would be for you to purchase a South African Individual Wild Card for yourself, an International Wild Card for your partner or an International Couple Card.

When making a purchase or renewal, can a child that is 18 years old or older, but still lives with me be or remain on my Family Card?

If there is only one adult member on a family card, the child that is over 18 can be a partner on the card, otherwise unfortunately he/she will need to obtain an Individual Wild Card for himself/herself.

I have a child who is mentally challenged and is 18 years or older, can he/she be on my Family card?

If the child that is over 18 is mentally challenged and has been certified by the doctor as being dependent on parents or guardian, then they are liable to be a child member on the card. You will need to send us proof of his/her condition when making the purchase to or fax to +2712 426 5480.

Are Lifetime Wild Cards still valid?

We will honour the Lifetime Wild Cards issued before 20 October 2010. However, we will not be issuing any new Lifetime Cards for the time being. We are looking at other options for our loyal pensioners and will communicate future options in due course.

What about the Table Mountain National Park or Cape Town Wild Card?

Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) has its own My Green Card, which is available only to Cape Town residents and replaced the Cape Town Wild Card. My Green Card operates separately from the Wild Card and has its own rules and requirements. More information can be obtained from the SANParks website or by contacting or 021 712 7471.

Can I use My Green Card as a Wild Card?

No,  My Green Card can be used to access only Table Mountain National Park for 12 entries only but Wild Card will give you unlimited access to Table Mountain National Park (if your cluster permits you)and other parks of your chosen cluster.

Can I use my Wild Card for activities such as dog walking and mountain biking?

No, the TMNP My Activity Permit is required by individuals who regularly make use of the Park to undertake a specific/variety of activities. My Activity Permit operates separately from the Wild Card and has its own rules and requirements. More information can be obtained from the SANParks website or by contacting or 021 712 7471.

Does the cost of the My Activity permit include the cost of access?

Holders of an activity permit will not be required to pay the entrance fees when accessing TMNP pay points to carry out their specified activity.


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