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If there is an error on my Wild Card (it does not reveal the number of persons covered by the Wild Card type, cluster or expiry date), how can I rectify the situation?

Please log a query on our website at or contact us on 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453) or Your current Wild Card details will be verified against our records. If there are discrepancies, you will be requested to supply your full details, which will be investigated by the Wild Card call centre.

I purchased the new Wild Card at a reserve a few months ago, but I haven’t received my card yet. What is the reason for the delay?

It could be that your membership details are incomplete and thus we have been unable to dispatch your new card. Please log a query on our website at or contact us on 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453) or

I purchased a new Wild Card membership a few months ago, but I haven’t received any copies of Wild magazine. What could be the problem?

Wild magazine is posted to all members who have purchased the new Wild Card and have updated their personal details online. If you haven’t received the magazine, it could be that your postal address is incorrect or incomplete. Please go to and click on ‘Update’ to check your personal details are correct.

How do I upgrade my existing membership to the new Wild Card programme?

If your membership is still valid, all you have to do is update your personal details on If you membership has expired, you can purchase the new Wild Card online.

What are all the Wild Card Numbers applicable and available for searching for membership, and where can they be found?

View the description of the various Wild Card numbers.

I had a Wild Card some years ago and want to join again. Do I need to renew my old card?

The old Wild Card is no longer valid, so simply purchase new membership on You will receive a new personalised Wild Card with your surname and initials that you can use in the years to come.

Can I link my accommodation reservation with my Wild Card?

In the future phases of the new Wild Card programme this will be possible.

I cannot view the letter in PDF on the Wild Card Website after a purchase/renewal has been completed.

Please ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.