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Dear valued client, The Wildcard registration, renewal and login system is currently offline. Please check again later

Wild Card is currently offline for maintenance, please check again in 30 minutes.


How does the Wild Card work?

What is the Wild Card?

Your Wild Card is the best way to explore Southern Africa’s wild spaces, as you’ll get 365 days of unlimited access to the parks and reserves in the cluster of your choice.

What does unlimited access mean?

If you have a valid Wild Card, you are entitled to unlimited access applicable to the type and cluster on your Wild Card, for 365 days at all our partner parks and reserves. As a member you don’t pay daily conservation fees – instead you pay an annual fee.

What benefits do I get with the Wild Card?

  • 365 days of unlimited access to Parks and reserves relevant to the cluster and type chosen.
  • You will receive our Wild Magazine four times in 365 days
  • Monthly e-newsletters, packed with news of the parks and wildlife stories.
  • Vibrant website -, updated daily with blogs on nature and travel.
  • Special offers and discounts for Wild Card members only.

Does the new Wild Card offer CashBack Rewards or some other benefits?

The new Wild Card programme no longer offers Cash Back Rewards, but you can expect many other exciting and more relevant benefits in future. In our survey we asked Wild Card members what matters to them so you can look forward to benefits that address your wants and needs.

Why does the new Wild Card have a pin if you currently can’t use it to earn or spend points?

The new pin, which will be issued to you with your new Wild Card, will grant you access to our Wild Card partner parks and reserves according to your Wild Card type and cluster. The new Wild Card will be issued to you with a default pin and when you use it for the first time, you will be given an option of creating your own pin which only you should know. As soon as the terminals are operational, you will be requested to enter your new pin every time you present your Wild Card at the park gates and also upon exit.

What should I do if I lose my pin number?

Please phone 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453) – an operator will ask you to verify your identity. Your previous pin number will be reset to a default and can be changed to the pin of your preference.