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Terms & Conditions

Please read our conditions to ensure you are familiar with the system:

  1. This facility caters for the period from 23 September 2017 to 31 August 2018
  2. The availability information is updated on a real-time basis (unless interrupted by technical difficulties) between our reservation system and the website. As SANParks accepts reservations on a first-come, first-served basis, we cannot guarantee that accommodation viewed by clients as available online will still be available by the time a reservation is attempted.
  3. The reservation is only guaranteed once you've received a confirmation e-mail from SANParks reservations.
  4. Online reservations are processed at the contracted commission level relevant to the operator.
  5. A community fund of 1% will be added to the cost of all accommodation and activity reservations.
  6. A maximum of 9 units (accommodation / camping) per camp, per night may be booked online. To book for larger groups, please contact our Travel Trade Reservation desks in Cape Town or Pretoria.
  7. This facility also allows you to book same-day activities conducted by SANParks in a national park under its jurisdiction. (No restriction on number of units). SANParks offers a wide range of activities. To ensure that you do not book activities that overlap on the same day, information relevant to the estimated time of departure and duration of the activities is available here. Please also refer to paragraph 19 for the rules and regulations with reference to "Indemnity".
  8. Travel Trade reservations made via the SANParks online bookings module are payable as follow, failing which the reservation will lapse automatically:
    • Reservations made 46 or more days prior to arrival are payable within 7 days after the booking has been made;
    • Reservations made within 45 days of arrival are payable immediately by company credit card only.
  9. The due dates of deposits payable for reservations made via the online bookings module, will not be extended.
  10. Payments into the SANParks bank account may take up to 4 (four) working days to reflect. We do not accept responsibility for any reservations that lapse as result of a delay of the deposit payment into the SANParks bank account.
  11. Cancellation of Travel Trade reservations originally made via the SANParks online bookings module:
      In addition to the full cancellation of a reservation, any amendment to an existing reservation, which results in the value of the revised reservation being less than the original value, could result in cancellation fees being levied, according to the following schedule:
    • No cancellation fees will be incurred for cancellations or changes 46 days or more prior to arrival;
    • Cancellations fees of 50% of the total reservation is payable for cancellations and changes received between 45 and 30 days prior to arrival;
    • A 100% cancellation fee is payable for cancellations received within 29 days of arrival;
    • A 100% cancellation fee is payable for non-arrivals (no-shows).
    • If the arrival date of the itinerary is postponed prior to or on date of arrival and then cancelled at a later stage, the fees that applied at the time of amendment will be enforced if the amount is greater than the new cancellation fees.
  12. Modification and cancellation charges may be levied on any other reservations amended or cancelled online, irrespective of the channel through which the reservations were originally made, and subject to the terms and conditions specified in the contract between SANParks and the Operator.
  13. Although the online reservations facility will allow different types of units to be booked in the same camp for consecutive nights, it will remain the onus of the Operator to inform their client to pack up, vacate and check out at 10:00 of the unit occupied the night before and then to check into the unit for the next night, only after 14:00 that afternoon. SANParks will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused to your client in such cases and if this facility is abused in any way, SANParks retains the right to refuse use of its online booking facilities to offending operators.
  14. Please contact our Travel Trade Reservations desks in Cape Town or Pretoria, in any of the of the following instances:
    • To make use of sleeper couches or stretchers provided for children in certain units;
  15. All visitors to the Parks pay a Daily Conservation Fee when entering the Parks. These Conservation Fees vary from park to park.
  16. Wheelchair-friendly units are kept on reserve to avoid their booking by guests who don’t require their adapted facilities, so we are unable to put this function online until less than one month prior to occupation. Please contact our Travel Trade Reservation desks in Cape Town or Pretoria.
  17. Our online reservations system makes use of, and requires, JavaScript and Cookie technologies.
  18. Resort Availability is reconciled on a daily basis. This process starts at midnight, South African Standard Time (SAST) and runs for approximately 2 hours. This results in the booking system being offline between 00h00 am and 02h00 am SAST.
  19. Guests entering national parks will be required to sign a document indemnifying SANParks against any claim, action, judgment, costs and / or expenses which may be made against SANParks. You may find the Activity Indemnity Form here and gate registration and indemnity information here.
  20. User details and passwords for the SANParks online bookings environment are kept secured and encrypted on SANParks’ systems and databases.
  21. SANParks cannot be held responsible for losses resulting from the activity, fraudulent or accidental, of registered users employed by contracted operators for mistakes, deliberate sabotage, not adequately protecting their login credentials and similar actions outside the control of SANParks.
  22. Operators must inform SANParks should any of their employees who had been given access to the SANParks online bookings facility resign in order for SANParks to revoke their access.
  23. Please be sure to read our Privacy Policy.
  24. SANParks retains the right to reasonably refuse access to the use of its online bookings facility to any party.
  25. SANParks retains the right to change any tariffs, services or rules without prior notification.