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Terms & Conditions

To our valued online customers, SANParks has launched 3D-Secure - an E-Commerce regulation enforced by PASA (Payment Association of South Africa).

This is a method of authentication security where upon payment for reservations, the clients are required to put in a One Time Password/PIN (OTP), which is typically sent to their mobile phones. This is to authenticate the cardholder and ensure that they are entitled to use the card.

For more information, refer to the FAQs on

Please read our conditions to ensure you are familiar with the system:

  1. This facility caters for the period from 28 June 2016 to 31 May 2017.
  2. All new reservations made online will require immediate and full payment by credit card. If this is not possible, please use one of the alternative booking methods.
  3. The availability information is updated real-time (unless interrupted by technical difficulties) between our reservation system and the website. As SANParks accept reservations on a first-come-first-served basis we cannot guarantee that accommodation clients saw as available online will still be available by the time a reservation is attempted.
  4. A community fund of 1% will be added to the cost of all accommodation and activity reservations.
  5. Downgrading (reducing the total value) of a reservation made here could result in modification fees. These are calculated on the difference between the reservation cost before and after the changes were made. Downgrading:
    • 6 days or less prior to arrival (or after arrival) will result in a 100% modification fee
    • 7 to 14 days before arrival will result in a 50% modification fee
    • 15 to 30 days before arrival will result in a 25% modification fee.
  6. Cancelling a reservation made here could result in cancellation fees. These are calculated on the total value of the reservation that was cancelled. Cancelling:
    • 6 days or less prior to arrival (or not arriving at all) will result in a 100% cancellation fee
    • 7 to 14 days before arrival will result in a 50% cancellation fee
    • 15 to 30 days before arrival will result in a 25% cancellation fee.
  7. Online payments are processed in South African Rand. All transactions, including refunds, are calculated at the current exchange rates.
  8. Guests may consider postponing a reservation (at same or higher cost and subject to availability) as alternative to cancellation. Guests will be required to pay in the difference should reservation cost increase as a result and if reservation cost decreases the booking will be subject to the rules that apply for downgrading a reservation (see above). Note that any subsequent cancellation or downgrading will consider the initial reservation arrival date to calculate modification or cancellation charges.
  9. Modification and cancellation charges may be levied on any reservations amended or cancelled online, irrespective of the channel through which the reservations were originally made, subject to SANParks' conditions for the acceptance of reservations.
  10. To make use of sleeper couches or stretchers provided for children in certain units, please use one of the alternative booking methods.
  11. Unit allocations made on existing reservations may be overwritten when editing on the web. Please contact camp management to ensure allocation.
  12. SANParks does not recommend booking different accommodation types in the same camp over consecutive dates as this creates problems. Guests who decide to book different accommodation types in the same camp over consecutive dates must understand that they would need to move from one unit to another and they must take note of check-in and check-out times, which will apply.
  13. This facility also allows you to book same-day activities conducted by SANParks in a national park under its jurisdiction. SANParks offers a wide range of activities. To ensure that you do not book activities that overlap on the same day, information relevant to the estimated time of departure and duration of the activities is available here. Please also refer to paragraph 22 for the rules and regulations with reference to "Indemnity".
  14. Day visitors to Kruger should also book their visit, especially during busy periods, which can be done via this facility.
  15. All visitors to the Parks pay a Daily Conservation Fee when entering the Parks. These Conservation Fees vary from park to park.
  16. All online reservations will receive a 5% discount on bookings for accommodation and camping, unless specific promotional or seasonal discounts advertised explicitly as being available to online reservations, are announced, in which case the latter will apply.
  17. South African Senior Citizens who would like to make use of specially reduced pensioner Senior Citizen rates, have to use one of the alternative booking methods to make or amend their reservations.
  18. The reservation is only guaranteed once you've received a confirmation e-mail from SANParks reservations.
  19. Wheelchair Friendly units are kept on reserve to avoid their booking by guests who don’t require their adapted facilities, so we are unable to put this function online until less than one month prior to occupation. Please contact reservations.
  20. SANParks retains the right to change any tariffs, services or rules without prior notification.
  21. Our online reservations system makes use of, and requires, JavaScript and Cookie technologies.
  22. Resort Availability is reconciled on a daily basis. This process starts at midnight (South African time) and runs for approximately 2 hours. This results in the booking system being down between 00h00 am and 02h00 am SAST.
  23. Guests entering national parks will be required to sign a document indemnifying SANParks against any claim, action, judgment, costs and / or expenses which may be made against SANParks. Herewith the Activity Indemnity Form, Medical Questionnaire Certificate for trail participants and gate registration and indemnity information.
  24. Please be sure to read our Privacy Policy.