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Operational Structure

WCNP, covering both a marine and terrestrial component, is divided into three conservation management areas namely, the Marine section (Langebaan Lagoon, 16 Mile Beach and the four islands around the park), Langebaan section (the terrestrial section from Langebaan to Geelbek and the public beach area in Langebaan) and Postberg section (the terrestrial section from Geelbek to Postberg including Preekstoel, Kraalbaai and Tsaarsbank beach areas). The park is also managed through Tourism, People and Conservation and Technical components to cover all other operational requirements.

The conservation teams has a Senior Section Ranger who manages a team consisting of Section Rangers, Ranger Sergeants, Ranger Corporal, Field Rangers, Marine Rangers and Environmental monitors.

The teams are responsible for all the operational requirements in their respective sections which include biodiversity management, law enforcement, alien clearing and visitor management.

The park is also home to a number of Expanded Public Works Programmes (EPWP) which include:

  • Working for Water
  • Working for the Coast
  • Working on Land

Co-management agreements:

  • Postberg:
    Postberg was the first contractual area to be included in the national park and includes several portions of privately owned land. The area is managed by SANParks in terms of a 99 year agreement with five year notice period.
  • Stofbergsfontein:
    An agreement between SANParks and landowners which resulted in some land being purchased for the park while the remainder of the land is managed in terms of an agreement with homeowners.
  • National Parks Trust and WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF):
    Some properties were purchased by the National Parks Trust and Worldwide Fund for Nature for inclusion in the park through agreement for as long as the properties were used for national parks purposes.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs):

The MPAs of Langebaan Lagoon, Sixteen mile beach, Malgas Island, Jutten Island and Marcus Island are managed in terms of NEM:PAA and an agreement between SANParks and Oceans and Coast Chief Directorate of DEA.

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