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Hoerikwaggo™ Trail

Our Paths

Ultimately over 80 kilometers of paths will have been built or upgraded for the Hoerikwaggo™ Trail. Under the joint management of civil engineer Mark Stone and path building expert James Nowickki the Table Mountain National Park is developing a network of durable, state of the art paths for the protection of the fynbos ecosystem as well as the comfort and safety of our visitors. The materials used are all natural and, where possible, have been sourced locally.

Table Mountain National Park has hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails across the park and hence does not put out an official series of hiking trail maps. We do however recommend that you walk either with an accredited guide who is familiar with the area or that you purchase a hiking map of the section of trail that you wish to traverse.

Local new agents stock a selection of maps in this regard and we recommend that you purchase such a map prior to hiking.

Please plot your route before your departure and ensure you are familiar with alternate options should the weather change whilst on the mountain.