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This page displays all information relevant to the trails, except the following:

Temporary closure of the Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail:

We would like to apologise for the temporary closure of the Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail.

As a result of the terrible fires that ravaged large parts of Table Mountain National Park in March 2015, the trail lost two days of the hike and one of the tented camps in the blaze. The balance of the camps are still available to book as accommodation but hiking of the trial is not possible.

Please visit for more information regarding the accommodation available.

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Hoerikwaggo™ Trail

Trail Ethics

To hike the Hoerikwaggo™ Trail is a rare privilege that affords hikers the unique opportunity to overnight on the Table Mountain Chain.

For your own enjoyment and that of your fellow hikers please note the following:

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Hoerikwaggo™ Trail

Our Paths & People

Poverty Relief

Entitled “Building paths, building people” the construction project of the Hoerikwaggo™ Trail paths and accommodation upgrades was a part of the Table Mountain National Park’s R35 million Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

This project has enabled the Table Mountain National Park to do much-needed infrastructure maintenance and while simultaneously implementing the ethos of “benefits beyond boundaries” by employing and training over 420 unemployed people from townships around the peninsula and on the Cape Flats.

Of the 300, top-performing individuals, through hard work and dedication, will achieved independent contractor status. These contractors in turn employ their own teams of ten and contract their services into the Park. Once work for the TMNP is complete these contractors will have developed the necessary skills and experience to seek contracts with other organisations.

Through contractor training and development we aim to have developed 40 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMME’s) by the end of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

The EPWP is not only assisting us in managing the Park for our tourists and visitors but it is helping us turn conservation efforts in to a socially relevant and empowering arena for the people of Cape Town.

The Hoerikwaggo™ Trail guides were also a part of the EPWP training initiative.


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Western Cape Tourist Guides

Contact Details

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Our Paths

Ultimately over 80 kilometers of paths will have been built or upgraded for the Hoerikwaggo™ Trail. Under the joint management of civil engineer Mark Stone and path building expert James Nowickki the Table Mountain National Park is developing a network of durable, state of the art paths for the protection of the fynbos ecosystem as well as the comfort and safety of our visitors. The materials used are all natural and, where possible, have been sourced locally.

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