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Research and Projects

Saving the Endangered African Penguin at Boulders

How can you help?

  • Nest Boxes are manufactured in the Gansbaai area at R400 per box - ***Buy a nest box and contribute to the conservation of this endangered species.***
  • Dyer Island Conservation Trust has already sponsored 50 nest boxes.
  • If you’re going to be buying a gift for a loved one soon, why not buy a nest box on their behalf. A certificate will be issued to your loved one. (terms and conditions apply).
  • To purchase these nest boxes, please contact the:

How can YOU help?

  • You will help protect the African Penguin Species by increasing it’s breeding success!
  • Ideal opportunity for corporate sponsorship – they can quite literally watch their investment grow, year after year.
  • Great media possibilities.
  • Excellent opportunity to compare Boulders and Dyer Island breeding success.

Main informational page: Saving the Endangered African Penguin at Boulders