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Update on Richtersveld Flood Damage

18 November 2005

The following information has been received on 18 November 2005 from the Richtersveld Park Manager, Andy Davies:

“The current situation is:

  1. The road to Sendelingsdrift is open and any vehicle should negotiate it without a problem although care should be exercised in respect of sharp stones and loose gravel;

  2. All camps and units are open with the exception of Chalet 2 at Gannakouriep which is currently being repaired;

  3. The Helskloof Pass remains closed from R15 to the entry gate;

  4. Other roads in the Park can be used but caution should be exercised due to dongas, particularly on the approach to Potjiespram camp site;

  5. Road signs are still being replaced and visitors should ensure that they obtain clear directions from reception and the maps posted there;

  6. Due to the closure of the Helskloof Pass entry and exit to the Park is through Sendelingsdrift until further notice.

The Helskloof Pass will have to remain closed for some time as a lot of gravel needs to be sourced, transported and compacted before the road is serviceable once again”