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The Flowers At Namaqua National Park Have Suddenly Exploded!

29 July 2008

Many environmentalists has described the Namaqualand wild flower season as one of the wonders of the world, with 2008 yet another promising year to experience the exceptional namaqua flowers. Over the past weeks Namaqua National Park has witness a sudden outburst of flowers, particularly of orange daisies and Gazanias.



These native African Flowers has been hiding during the dry period; then suddenly after the first winter rains they will spring to life. There has not being signs of rain in the past ten days, but regardless of that and depending on follow-up rains the spectacle can improve even more.

Other flowers starting to make a showing are the Conicosia (Varkiesknol) and Pelargoniums. The areas around Soebatsfontein have large patches of vygies and are looking better than last year.

The town of Kamieskroon also has unbelievable flowers. Most roads had been repaired after the heavy rains and are generally suitable for a Sedan vehicle.

Recommended roads in and around the park:

  • Access road to Skilpad from kamieskroon.

  • The town of Kamieskroon.

  • The Skilpad-Soebatsfontein road (4x4 only!).