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Flower Report Namaqua National Park 28 to 05 Sept 2007

29 August 2007


Skilpad had 5mm of rain on 27/08/2007. The flowers are staying the same, the only difference that new species are emerging, particularly Pelargoniums, Romulias (sterretjies) and Gazanias (botterblomme). Conicosia (Varkiesknol, a type of vygie) is becoming dominant in certain areas. Lapeirousia (meidesterte) are very abundant, their purple colours prominent in patches.

The major difference between this flower season and previous seasons is the markedly higher number of visible species, but the ‘carpets’ being smaller. Although this is not really what the ‘mass tourist’ want, there is a lot to see for the botanically inclined. A possible reason for the change in flower composition is the two good rainy seasons in a row.

Very good areas for the next week include:

The road to Skilpad, particularly between Wolwerivier and the park;

Skilpad itself, particularly Katstertvlei and the trails;

Areas around Springbok and Okiep;

Coastal section between Groen-Spoeg (4x4 only)

Bernard Van Lente: Park Manager Namakwa National Park