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Update on the Namaqua National Park flower report

07 September 2012

Although the orange and yellow carpets are still very much in evidence, this is the time for variety. It is worthwhile to just stop and look closer on the walking trails and side of the roads (without walking into the flowers!) The Gazanias, Senecios, Sambreeltjies (Felicia sp.) T’neitjie (Pelargonium incrassium); Sporries (Heliophila sp); Bobbejaantjies (Babiana sp); vygies and countless other species are now at their peak.

There are now flowers all over the park, with the road from Skilpad to Soebatsfontein, and particularly around Soebatsfontein, a must-see for visitors with high ground clearance vehicles.

If you have a 4x4 vehicle the coastal section from the Spoeg river to the Groen river is excellent for a variety of colors.

The road to Skilpad, with the 4 km just before the park, is still one of the best drives around. The road to Skilpad from Kamieskroon has been graded.

Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:

  • April 2012: 13.71mm

  • May 2012: 14.74mm

  • June 2012: 86.62mm

  • July 2012: 35.30mm

  • August 2012: 68.81mm

  • September 2012: 0.0mm (to date)

Namaqua National Park flower season

Namaqua flowers 

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