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Namaqua flower update for 3 September 2009

10 September 2009

Skilpad (Namaqua National Park) and surrounds did not get any rain during the last week of August. Skilpad is still looking very good, and should continue to do so for at least the second week of September. The flower composition has changed markedly over time as the season progresses.

Rainfall for Skilpad as follows:

Orange daisy carpets (Ursinia cakilefolia) are slowly being replaced by another daisy, (Ursinia calenduliflora). Romulia species are prominent, as is Varkiesknol (Conicosia elongata); Gazanias (Gazania sp.) and T’neitjie (Pelargonium incrassatum). Tulips (Moraea sp) are more common in the wetter seepages. You will also start finding some Spinnekopblomme (Ferraria sp.) Now is the time for persons more interested in variety.

The Caracal Eco route (4x4 only) will take the flower enthusiast past an amazing variety of flowers, from Skilpad down to the Coast and Groen River. There are some large patches of beetle daisies (Gorteria sp) and various Arctotis species. Please note that this trail is 153km and takes all day. A map is required from the Skilpad office.

The coastal areas have beautiful vygies. A 4x4 is required to visit these areas.

The gravel road to Skilpad has been damaged by the last rains, but is drivable by normal sedan vehicles, provided you drive slowly.

Rainfall for Skilpad as follows:

  • April 2009: 35.6mm

  • May 2009: 39.1mm

  • June 2009: 123.4mm

  • July 2009: 20.3mm

  • August 2009: 41.9mm