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Namaqua Flower update for 7 August 2009

07 August 2009

Namaqua National Park received some nice follow-up rain during the past week. Skilpad (Namaqua National Park) is still looking very good, and should continue to do so for the near future.

Prominent flowers to be seen at Skilpad:

Meidestert (Lapeirousia silenoides); Varkiesknol (Conicosia elongata); hongerblomme (Senecio sp); Gousblomme (Arctotis sp); Gazanias (Gazania sp.); T’neitjie (Pelargonium incrassatum) and various Romulia species. The cattails (Bulbinella latifolia) are now reaching their peak and can be seen on the short Katstertvlei walk. There are off course countless other species to be seen for those who look a bit closer!

The road leading to the park, just past the Haasriver, is covered by a beautiful orange flower carpet. The coastal areas are looking better by the day and the vygies are coming into their own now.

The gravel road to Skilpad has been graded.

Rainfall for Skilpad as follows:

  • April 2009: 35.6mm

  • May 2009: 39.1mm

  • June 2009: 123.4mm

  • July 2009: 20.3mm

  • August 2009: 10.1mm (to date)