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Namaqua’s flower update for 8 July 2009

08 July 2009

The rainy season started on 24 April 2009 when Skilpad (Namaqua National Park) got 20.5mm of rain. Since then it has rained with regular intervals right up to the present. Rainfall as follows:

  • April 2009: 35.6mm

  • May 2009: 39.1mm

  • June 2009: 123.4mm

It is early days, but Skilpad is looking very promising and is already worth visiting. The orange daisy carpets are coming along quite nicely, with patches of white and yellow Oxalis sp. prominent. Please be aware that the gravel road to Skilpad has been damaged by heavy rains and visitors should drive slowly.

The flatter areas around Soebatsfontein also received good rains, with purple and yellow ‘vygie’ patches showing up. Along the coast there are large areas covered with white daisies. It is advisable that areas be visited only with a 4x4 vehicle.

The roads along the Groen and Spoeg rivers are worth driving as well.