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Archived News

Game capture operations at Mokala National Park

18 May 2009

Tourists are urged to be aware that there will be a major game capture operation taking place between Monday the 25th and Friday, the 29th of May 2009 at Mokala National Park.

The operation will take place in the western side of the park. Due to the extreme dangerous and sensitive nature of the capture process, the Matopi Loop will be closed to visitors during that operation (visitors will be able to drive on the Matopi loop in the afternoon after the operation).

During this time, there will be high noise levels. We ask tourists/guests to be aware of the noise levels and not be alarmed when hearing a helicopter with a high pitched siren. The helicopter herds the animals to waiting professional game capture teams on the ground.

The reason for this operation is to capture surplus animals, which will then be relocated to supplement other National Parks. This is to ensure genetic diversity, and is a very important aspect of biodiversity conservation.

Mokala National Park Management apologises for any inconvenience this might cause.