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Official Opening of New Marakele Road and Signage

19 September 2007

The road connecting the two sections of Marakele National Park was officially opened yesterday (18 September 2007), as part of ongoing SANParks Week celebrations.

"This is something we know that our visitors have been looking forward to", says park manager Hendrick Mugwabana. He also announced the upgrading of many of the roads in Marakele from 4x4 only access to road that can accommodate sedan vehicles as well. "We have also been busy putting up new signs in every corner of the park, naming the roads, and we've also updated the park map to represent these changes".
Mugwabana is also pleased to announce that the park has also almost completed the building of the new ablution facilities at the picnic site in the park-a popular venue for day visitors.
"We hope you will grace us with your visits in the near future to come and experience the new  roads and the ongoing development of this park", says Mugwabana.

Details on the Marakele website will be updated soon.