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PPP Investment Opportunity: Malelane Hotel Development in the KNP

In line with SANParks’ Strategic Plan for Commercialisation, SANParks intends to form a Public Private Partnership (PPP) in which it gives a selected private party the right to the use of the Malelane Hotel Development.

SANParks invites prospective investors and operators to submit detailed bids in line with SANParks’ mandate and objectives for this PPP opportunity. Interested parties will be expected to meet certain minimum criteria in order to qualify.

In a typical PPP agreement in this sector, the private party is granted the rights to finance, design, build, operate and maintain a tourism facility on state conservation land for a period likely to provide a fair return on investment. In return, the private party will meet agreed environmental, development, operating and broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE) obligations, and pay a PPP fee to SANParks. At the end of the agreement term, the facility reverts to the institution.

Below please find documents that outline details on the opportunity:

Alternatively, information can be obtained from Annemi van Jaarsveld, who can be reached through the following:

Interested bidders are required to submit detailed bids (containing specific financial, functional and BEE proposals), only in the format given in the RFP document, to SANParks’ physical address, no later than Friday 28th August 2009.

In keeping with SANParks’ objectives, attention will be paid to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and in particular, adherence to the National Tourism Charter and Scorecard.

The regulatory provisions for tourism PPPs can be found on