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October Sighting of the Month

Date: 2007-10-30

Our Public Sightings Gallery receives great pictures, and we've decided to introduce the "public sighting of the month" to acknowledge the excellent entries. Eric Reisinger, SANParks photographer & photo editor, selects the photo, which displays on our home page. This unusual picture of a crocodile eating a young hippo, taken by Yolande Oelsen, is the October winner...

Kruger Scientist Down Under

Date: 2007-10-27

Alien invasive species are a causing a headache for conservation managers around the world. Alien species are the cause of numerous problems for biodiversity, from clogging up water ways to becoming a fire hazard and are even a problem closer to home in the Kruger National Park.

Disney expertise for SANParks Veterinary Wildlife Services

Date: 2007-10-26

Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse. There is considerably more to this multi-national corporation than meets the eye, especially when it comes to support for conservation and research issues around the world...

Trees and Grass in KNP: A Slow Silent War

Date: 2007-10-25

Dr Ed February from the Department of Botany at the University of Cape Town is lede a team of researchers tackling the mystery of how trees and grass manage to live together in the face of competition for limited water and nutrient resources.

Media Release: KNP Hosts Corporate Golf Day

Date: 2007-10-24

More than 100 golfers from both government and the private sector will meet on the fairways of Skukuza’s picturesque Golf Course tomorrow (Thursday October 25, 2007) as competitors of the third annual Kruger National Park (KNP)/Old Mutual Corporate Golf Day.

August Big 5 Sightings for KNP

Date: 2007-10-24

The August sightings data, generated by Kruger Rangers while on patrol, has been updated. The Rangers make use of Cyber Trackers to record information about the animals they see. The maps do not account for all sightings of these animals both by staff and visiting public as this is not captured and would be too numerous to plot. It does however give an indication of distribution based on the constant field presence of rangers...

Volunteers Needed for Biodiversity Survey 2007/ 2008

Date: 2007-10-22

Kruger National Park Scientific Services will be undertaking extensive biodiversity surveys in southern Kruger National Park (KNP) from Monday 10 December to Wednesday 31 January 2008.

Media Release: KNP Takes Eco-Tourism Skills to the Community

Date: 2007-10-15

The Kruger National Park (KNP) Managing Executive Dr Bandile Mkhize today (Friday, October 12, 2007) announced and committed KNP to supporting a community based eco-tourism business situated south of the park near Kaapmuiden.

Media Release: New Hostel Opens for Skukuza School Pupils

Date: 2007-10-12

The Managing Executive of the Kruger National Park (KNP), Dr Bandile Mkhize officially opened a new hostel for pupils attending the Skukuza Primary School today (Wednesday October 3, 2007).

Help the EWT with Wild Dog Sightings in Kruger

Date: 2007-10-11

The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Carnivore Conservation Group has once again joined forces with South African National Parks to conduct research to improve the plight of the endangered African Wild Dog...

Alaskan Adventure for Kruger Scientist

Date: 2007-09-27

“The Alaskan wilderness is nothing like our wilderness here in Kruger” says Judith Kruger from Scientific Services, Skukuza, Kruger National Park. “There are thousands of green alpine trees and large flowing rivers with huge amounts of floating ice, even in Summer”. This is a far cry of the heat and yellow-brown hues of Kruger at the end of Winter. Judith, who is responsible for science support and data management in Kruger, recently took the long trip to Alaska to join a group of specialist software engineers and programme developers from NCEAS (National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis).

Media Release: Skukuza Shop Robbed

Date: 2007-09-19

At around 02:00 on Tuesday September 18, 2007, armed robbers gained access into the Skukuza Rest Camp Shop in the Kruger National Park (KNP) by removing sections of the thatch roof.

Kruger Rangers Get Equipment

Date: 2007-09-11

The Kruger National Park (KNP) Executive Director Dr Bandile Mkhize today (Tuesday September 11, 2007) accepted R428 000-worth of donated equipment on behalf of the park’s 300-strong Ranger Corps from the SANParks Honorary Rangers.

Excited Tusker Competition Winner Takes Off

Date: 2007-09-06

An excited Ms Arks Smith from the United States strapped herself into a SANParks helicopter and took off for the adventure of a lifetime, to actually take part in a research project in the Kruger National Park (KNP) at around 07:30 this morning (Wednesday September 5, 2007).

Duke Breaks Left Tusk

Date: 2007-08-24

It seems sadness has crept into the thoughts of everyone around. It is as if a good friend has lost something very dear. Duke, the elephant with the largest set of ivory on any elephant presently living in the Kruger National Park (KNP) has broken his left tusk.

Digging Up Kruger's History

Date: 2007-08-23

Sore backs, dusty clothes, dirty hands and sweaty hats. These are just some of the results of an interesting project that has taken place in the Kruger National Park (KNP) over a two week period ending on Friday, August 17, 2007.

Australian Park Manager Meets KNP Scientists

Date: 2007-08-29

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is right in the heart of Australia. Uluru (previously known as Ayers Rock) is a massive red rock rising out of the Australian outback desert and is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people. The National Park is 1325 km2 and is a major tourist attraction. The distinctive red rock rises 348m above the desert plain and is 860m above sea level. It is also a special world heritage area that is valued for its landscape, flora, fauna and for its rich living culture.

Fire and Vegetation Experiment in the KNP

Date: 2007-08-27

Fire is not a popular phenomenon in the Lowveld at the moment, but in the Kruger National Park it is used under controlled conditions as part of a long-term ecosystem experiment. The Fire Team from Scientific Services in Skukuza has been using fire as part of an ongoing experiment in the Nkhuhlu exclosure in the south of the KNP.

The Annual KNP Fixed Wing Aerial Census

Date: 2007-08-24

Seeing the Kruger National Park (KNP) from the air really puts the size of the park into perspective. It is amazing to see how big 2 million hectares really is. Winter is the time of the year when the KNP census team takes to the air to count the animals living in this 2 million hectares.

Carbon-Climate-Human Interactions in Africa

Date: 2007-08-21

An international network of carbon cycle researchers meets 23-25 August in Kruger National Park, South Africa to explore the need for increased research capacity to both understand and manage the carbon cycle in Africa.

Background Information Document for Camp Upgrades

Date: 2007-08-21

SANParks is embarking on a number of proposed activities to upgrade the existing facilities in Kruger National Park camps to continue to offer visitors a high quality experience. To assist in our planning for this, please read this Background Information Document (BID) regarding the upgrade of facilities in the Mopani and Olifants Camps.

Giraffe 1, Donga 0

Date: 2007-08-16

It was a clear, day with a slight South Easterly wind blowing. I had left Letaba very early for a meeting at the Phalaborwa Regional Office. While there, I received a call from Letaba Camp’s Duty Manager reporting that there was a giraffe trapped in a donga about three kilometers north of the camp on the S95.

First Call for Papers: 6th Annual Science Networking Meeting April 2008

Date: 2007-08-14

The 6th Annual Science Network meeting will be held in Skukuza, Kruger National Park (KNP) from 21 to 25 April 2008. This meeting will be hosted by Scientific Services, Kruger National Park, Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology of University of Cape Town, Centre for Water in the Environment of the University of Witwatersrand, and the Department of Botany of the University of Cape Town...

Branding Survey: Complete and WIN!!

Date: 2007-08-13

Complete this SANParks branding questionnaire by the 17 August 2007 and stand a chance to win a 2-night midweek break for 2 (two) adults and 2 (two) children in one of the South African National Parks.

N4 Traffic Update: 09-12 August

Date: 2007-08-10

High traffic volumes are expected on the N4 (Pretoria to Mozambique) during the forthcoming weekend, although it is not expected to peak at the same levels as during the Easter period or school holidays.

Media Release: Man Arrested For Starting Fire In KNP

Date: 2007-08-02

A middle aged man was arrested for starting a fire in the Kruger National Park (KNP) at midday today.

Media Release: KNP Breaches Dam to Prevent Poison Spreading

Date: 2007-08-01

A key dam in the Southern area of the Kruger National Park (KNP), the Nhlanganzwane Dam will be breeched this week in order to rid it of an algal poison that has claimed the lives of a number of animals over the past two years.

Orpen Webcam Goes Live

Date: 2007-08-01

The sun rises and a herd of placid impala drink to the new day and the start of a new month. A herd of zebra graze and drink alongside while some guinea fowl fool around, warming their feathers in the sun...

Draft Report On The Pel’s Fishing Owl

Date: 2007-07-31

A ground-based survey of Pel’s Fishing Owl along the Olifants River in the Kruger National Park was conducted from the 24th-27th of June 2007 by two teams of observers from SAN-Parks, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, staff and volunteers from EWT-BoPWG.

Recent Sightings: Birding Update KNP, 2007

Date: 2007-07-30

Please find herewith an update on sightings in the KNP for 2007, from some of our dedicated birders. The sightings are listed chronologically.

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